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Author: Annalise Delaney

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Taken By Storm:

Devastated. Desperate. Determined.

Months with Jake more than awakened the submissive within Gabrielle. He flipped a switch she can’t turn off. Craving the man who melts her heart and owns her body, she’ll do anything it takes to be his.

Even risk the thing she fears the most.

Jake would kill to protect his woman. But for the first time in his life, he faces an enemy he can’t destroy. Driven to help silence the echoes of her past, he’ll do whatever he needs to do.

Including the last thing anyone expected.

Taken By Storm is the second book in The Perfect Storm duet.  This book picks up where Safe In His Storm left off.  Gabrielle and Jake are still apart and Gabi is miserable.  What has she done?  The flash back was a bad one and Gabi felt she had no choice but to end things with the all so sexy Dom, Jake.  But Jake is not giving up on his arrangement with Gabi.  She has touched his protective side and he will have her again.


In this book we get to follow along on Gabi and Jake’s journey to heal one another.  Not only is this book emotionally charged with deep and dark emotions, it is full of danger and suspense as well, when Luc and Derek’s sister turns up dead.  Is someone out to take everyone dear to Derek out, to make him suffer?  It sure looks like it.

I have enjoyed this duet thoroughly.  The story is deep, dark, erotic, and meaningful.  I love the characters.  It reached into the depths of my soul.  I felt as if I was in Gabi’s shoes.  She is such a strong character.  She is a beautiful person inside and out.  I love how Jake incorporates his roll as a Dom in her healing process.  I especially love how he had her write on her thigh everyday:

“I am stronger than I think.  I am beautiful.  I am able.  I am safe with Jake.  My words matter.”

IG dark WM


These two have such amazing chemistry.  Their story will pull you in.  Not only are they amazing, but all the characters in this book are amazing.  Each character is developed enough to know who they are, where they come from and what their role is in Gabi and Jake’s world.  Each and every one of them are unique and special.  I am so excited that Annalise Delany will be continuing the series with a story about Josie and Derek!!!  These two character’s story will defiantly be an intense read.  I can not wait!

Annalise Delany is an amazing author.  I cannot express how much I have enjoyed these two books.  You can tell how much time and research she has put into her books.  Each book is so detailed and exact it is as if you are there and feeling what those  characters are feeling.  Those scenes with Jake and Gabi will really get ya!  They are so intense, that you can’t help but be tuned in and turned on by what they are doing!  Excellent writing.   This is what a good book will do to you.  Bravo! Bravo!

So my book fiends out there…..pick this duet up.  I promise it will have you begging for more when you are done.  Stay tuned for Josie and Derek.   Two stubborn people begging to top one another.

*ARC provided by Annalise Delany & Give Me Books Promo

5 star


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About Annalise Delaney:

Annalise is an indie author writing contemporary romance with an erotic edge. Her romance novels are packed with twists and turns, emotional tugs of war, a shot of suspense, and a plethora of unapologetically dominant men and the women they crave… All tied together with a good dose of lust and love.

As a girl, writing occupied her time when age-appropriate books put her to sleep. The books tucked in the bottom drawer of her mother’s dresser overflowed with love, passion, betrayal, and revenge—making for far better reads. VC Andrews’ imaginative and twisted stories started it all.

Juggling a busy schedule, Annalise adheres to the motto, ‘Work hard, play hard.’ When she’s not working, she’s hopefully somewhere on the beach, under a palm tree, or where chips, salsa, margaritas, and laughter are abundant.

As for what she reads and writes today, let’s just say it’s come a long way from sweet. Welcome to the place where sweet meets spicy. A place where sassy stories come to kiss and tell.

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In Light Of Shadows

41VttVWgfZLKilling Eva

(In Light of Shadows #3)

by Camellia Hart (Goodreads Author)

The sensual trilogy of Eva and Clive concludes in the hotly anticipated follow-up to Loving Eva…

It started as a crush. Then a kiss. Then fifteen years of separation, and the agony of not knowing where or how to find Eva, the only girl he’s ever loved.

And when she returns to him it’s like a dream come true. He’ll never let her go.

She’s his beginning. She’s his end. She’s his now, and his forever. Then how did he let it come to this? How did he lose Eva?

He’s got to find her. He’s got to bring Eva back… or go where she’s gone.




Chasing Eva (In Light of Shadows #1)
Loving Eva (In Light of Shadows #2)
Killing Eva (In Light of Shadows #3)
Our story continues as the danger heats up for Eva.  In this novel the threats against Eva are getting serious.  Clive feels like his world is upside down.  He has his own demons to deal with and the aftermath that he worries will make Eva leave forever.  Clive cannot, will not live without Eva.  He will not lose her again.
Eva’s business is in jeopardy.  She not only in fear of her life, but fear of the lives to those she loves as well.  When she is threatened with death, she seriously considers stepping down from the business to protect everyone.  But she must move forward and stay strong, but will her deepest fears be her downfall?
In this book Eva and Clive’s relationship evolves even more than before.  They cannot live without each other.  Craving each other.  Getting lost in each other.  Their bond unbreakable.  Their hearts are one.  They are addicted and it shows in the steamy scenes.  These two are such strong characters.  They are amazing.
“Her longing for him, her love for him was so real, her eyes stung from the emotions that tightened her chest, warming her, soothing her, exciting her about all that the future would hold for her and Clive.”
Overall this last book is just as good as the rest.  It ties up the end with a pretty big bow.  The love of the characters carries this story and the danger levels in this on are pretty high.  Man, the very beginning of this book will have you gasping with a WTH??  “No that can’t be right.  Right?”  It really grabs your attention.  About mid way through on this one you start to guess who the puppeteer is pulling all the strings.  You will be shocked.  I know I was when it was all revealed.
This is a action packed, steamy hot novel that will keep you turning those pages.  But don’t forget…you have to read Chasing Eva and Loving Eva first, or you won’t know what the hell is going on.  So if you love a good erotic, hot drama filled with danger suspense and plenty of twists to keep you guessing, then this is the book for you.
*ARC provided by Camellia Hart
5 star
savingPNG (2)


CHASING EVAKindle Unlimited

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In Light Of Shadows41975113

Loving Eva

(In Light of Shadows #2)

by Camellia Hart (Goodreads Author)
 4.4  ·   Rating details ·  63 Ratings  ·  42 Reviews
The sensual trilogy of Eva and Clive continues in the hotly anticipated follow-up to Chasing Eva…He’s addicted to her. He’s obsessed by her. He cannot stay away from her. He doesn’t want to. He couldn’t bear to. But when demons from his past threaten his future with Eva, he must make a devastating choice. A choice that may lead him to lose her…forever.Her days are darkening. She’s losing all control. Her only anchor is Clive. But her troubles are mounting, and she’s pulling him with her into deep danger. Will their limitless passion overcome it all? Or will she lose him too…forever.

*Second book in a series of three.
*Read Chasing Eva before reading this book.
*Underlying suspense concludes in Killing Eva.
Chasing Eva (In Light of Shadows #1)
Loving Eva (In Light of Shadows #2)
Killing Eva (In Light of Shadows #3) releases Oct. 30, 2018
In this second installment of In Light of Shadows, our story picks up with our lovers separated by a huge misunderstanding.  But let’s fear not our lovers can not stay away from each other long.
As out story continues, Clive and Eva are on the mend.   Clive is addicted to Eva, as she is him.  They continue their journey to discovering each other.  But Clive has a dark secret.  One that could destroy everything.  And someone is opening up the door that could expose him.
Things with Eva’s company are beginning to get worse.  The threats are slowly escalating and getting more serious.  The informant is closer than she realizes and the danger level is rising.  She doesn’t want to pull everyone into her mess, but it seems fate has other plans.
These two characters are just phenomenal.  Their chemistry is off the charts.  Clive is not just addicted to her, he is obsessed.  He can’t bear to be away from her and she him.  Their relationship is so intense.  You can feel it in the interactions between them throughout this series.
The supporting characters play a huge role in these books as well.  There are no small parts for anyone.  Each character has its own role and personality.  Each developed deeply and well.  All the characters make you feel as if you know them on a personal level.
I cannot express how intense this book is.  It reaches deep into your soul with its main characters.  Their love is what you can call true pure love.  Soul mates.  You can not have one without the other.
This series is a steady paced story that will grab your attention from the very first page.  I can only imagine what book 3 will be like.  Especially with the title Killing Eva.  I  get chills thinking about it.  As the series progresses so does the danger, twists and secrets.  I still haven’t figured out or have any idea who the puppet master is pulling all the strings.  The build up to this is the perfect climax.  Perfect addiction.
So if you love a good steamy, hot, suspenseful story then this series is for you.  But remember you must read Chasing Eva first.  These books cannot be read as standalones.
*ARC provided by Camellia Hart
5 star

Loving Eva Teaser 1.jpgdivider1_by_s_alamence-d7aq28n

About Camellia Hart


In Light Of Shadows

31375113Chasing Eva

(In Light of Shadows #1)


Camellia Hart (Goodreads Author)
 4.19  ·   Rating details ·  239 Ratings  ·  173 Reviews

When Eva and Clive meet in the office elevator fifteen years after they’ve seen each other last, their mutual attraction not dulled one bit, they’re tempted to explore their intense, undeniable, chemistry further.

But then Eva discovers that the sinfully gorgeous Clive is the powerful businessman who’s causing her company’s downfall. She’s determined to sway her newfound enemy to reconsider his betrayal. They’re not even halfway through that debate, when they’re drawn to each other with a force neither of them anticipates.

Having lived through her share of disloyal relationships Eva’s sworn off heartbreaker men. No way she’ll fall for this assertive, enigmatic playboy.

But Clive isn’t one to give up that easily, or at all for that matter. She doesn’t know, he’s been chasing Eva since their first kiss fifteen years ago.

Goodreads | Amazon US | Bookbub |Amazon UK



“I could show you how to kiss if that’s what you’re thinking about.” His voice was playful yet full of sexual intent.

chasing eva teaserWhen she didn’t react, his expression turned dark with demand “Kiss me, Eva.”

Spellbound, she rose onto her tiptoes and placed a light kiss to his lips. He groaned, yanked her to him, and closed his mouth over hers. She gasped and his tongue darted in, tangling with hers. His kiss rolled soft and smooth, with just the right amount of pressure that drove her hot with need. She wanted more of this. She wanted more of him.

She traced her fingers up his arms, to his shoulders and when she reached his hair, she weaved her fingers through the strands, tugged him lightly toward her, and kissed him back. He growled an incoherent word or two against her lips, cupped her face in his hands, and deepened their kiss. His tongue demandingly played with hers and hers played right back.

His hands wandered from her jaw, along her throat to the swells of her breasts and squeezed them gently. She moaned in approval and melted into his grasp. Heated arousal rushed between her legs. She let her hands slip to his shoulders, she needed to keep herself steady.

His hands moved farther down to her lower back, under her skirt and up toward her inner thighs. A quick charge of awareness bolted through and awakened her skin. Her hands slipped to his chest and found his heart raging under her palm, a testament to his aching hunger for her.

chasing eva teaser2As he began to knead the swells of soft flesh, her knees trembled and he tightened his hold on her curves, lifting her slightly off her feet. Her breath caught as his hard bulge pressed against her.

“Tell me you want me, Eva.” His words sent a heated wave through her.


They were in her kitchen, her friends were only steps away and could easily walk into their sexual rendezvous at any moment, but she just didn’t care.

Clive had set her free, from her apprehensions, from her past, from her future, and from all else that wasn’t this moment. And this moment was all she wanted now.

Yes. I so do.

His fingers traced the edge of her panties to the space between her legs. She gasped as he found her wet. A faint rumble of arrogant pleasure escaped him.

“You’ve been thinking about me…was I touching you like this?” His fingers slipped into her hot, swollen flesh. She stifled a moan, giddy from the onslaught of sensations as she finally gave in to the craving she’d carried since the first time she’d laid eyes on him.

He claimed her mouth again, devouring her with expert precision. She kissed him back as though she could eat him alive. Her toes curled in euphoria. Never before had she been kissed that way. Thoroughly. All consuming. Her body hummed, imagining his exquisite expertise in bed.

And then, “Clive…your phone’s buzzing,” Stan called out from the patio, his voice reeling them back to reality.

They pushed away from each other as though shocked by a live wire.

With ragged breaths, their gazes remained connected for several moments. After a long pause Clive ran his fingers through his hair and muttered, “I’ve got to get going.”


Loving Eva Teaser 2

review 2Eva Avery is now the owner of S&F Interior designs.  After her father’s passing, she was left to take over his company.  Not what she had in mind for her life, but how could she refuse her father.

Eva has just started giving dating a chance again.  After a her boyfriend was caught in the act over a year ago, Eva had sworn off men.  But she has decided to start dating again.  She is searching for Mr. Right.

Clive Stanford is the new owner of Stanford Enterprises.  Taking over the company was not in his plan, but his brother asked him to so he could pursue his wine business.  How could he say no.

Clive is a playboy who is not interested in settling down.  One day he has a sense of déjà vu when he runs into a beautiful woman in the elevator of his building.  So he sets out to uncover her identity.

When Clive discovers that Eva is the one that got away, he begins his quest to win her heart.  But then he discovers that someone is out to tear down Eva’s company.  He vows to protect her at all costs.  But what happens when Eva finds out the secrets he has kept?

I am totally addicted to this series.  I read this book in one day and started on book 2, Loving Eva.  This first book gives us the background and begins the relationship of Clive and Eva.  But the odds are definitely against them.

I love Clive and Eva.  These two characters have such a deep chemistry.  It is like they are part of one another.  They complete each other.  Not to mention that the sex they have is steamy hot off the charts.  Holy hell!!! That Clive is one hot sexy alpha male.  Mmmm Mmmm!  Eva is such a strong independent person.  She has a natural beauty about her and she is very caring, yet very vulnerable and insecure.  Which you will notice a lot in book 2.  Together their love will burn up the pages of this book.

This story has got a great who done it plot, that you will keep guessing about the whole book.   Guess what!  I am still trying to figure it out and I am almost done with book 2.   Camellia Hart is a genius at keeping her readers hooked.  The story flows so smoothly and has plenty of twists and steamy scenes to keep things interesting.  I can tell you that you will not get bored.  You will soak up every word written and still want more.  Not only is this book intense and thrilling, it has amazing and intriguing characters.  I got to stop writing or I might run book 2 into this review and give away too many secrets.  😉

So grab your copy of Chasing Eva today.  You will be glad you did.

*ARC provided by Camellia Hart

5 star


About Camellia Hart



A Dark Mafia Captive Romance

(Cherish Series Book 3)


it was amazing 5.0  ·  Rating details ·  Ratings  ·  Reviews

This dark and twisted tale of ownership will make your blood run hot. Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood writes dark romance as OLIVIA RYANN.

No one is coming to save me. I am his Fiore now, his flower.
To do with as he wishes. And he wants everything.
Monster wants my tears, my screams of pleasure, my shudders of fear.
In return, he also brings me these moments of startling clarity.
I know who I think I am. I know who he says I am.
I feel I’m somewhere between, lost in an ocean of pain.
When he trots out my brother with a wide smile, I’m forced to choose between them.
It’s a simple choice: the only family I have left, or the Monster I’m increasingly drawn to?

Reading Order:

Capture (Cherish Series FREE Prequel)
Control (Cherish Series Book 1)
Covet (Cherish Series Book 2)
Cherish (Cherish Series Book 3)

Goodreads | Amazon | Bookbub


Fiore thought she died, but that can’t be right.  She is in too much pain to be dead.
When Fiore wakes she is right back where she started…..with Monster.  She does not know how she survived that fall, but as fate would have it she did.  Now she must make the best of the situation.  Monster has made it clear, she is ….. his.  She will not get away again.
Monster forces Fiore’s hand and she signs over her soul to the devil himself…Monster.  Now he owns her body, soul and even her mind.  When an agreement between the two is reached there is a change in him.  But only she can see it.  A puppy, New Orleans, then ….her brother.  The cards are lined up and they don’t lie ever.  But what happens when the cards fall?
I have to start off saying that WTF Vivian?!?  Another cliff hanger……ugghhhh.  Vivian sure knows how to get you hooked and leave you hanging with your mouth wide open screaming WTF!?!  You can’t stop now!  We need more.  Any who!  Since I got my silent screams out the way ……
This book is better than the last in my opinion.  And NO it cannot be read as a standalone.  You need to read Control first.  This second book in the series is a lot darker than the first.  Monster really humiliates and degrades her in this book.  Which I have to say Bravo Olivia!!  That scene with the dog collar was perfect!  Way better than my suggestion.  
The chemistry between Fiore and Monster is freaking off the charts.  She may be his captive/possession, but their sex scenes are so damn hot.  That is some erotic mess right there.  No wonder she is allowing him to posses her.  He can play her body like a fine tuned instrument.
Overall this book is amazing.  It is full of lust, darkness, abuse, and power.  If you are a bit squeamish, then this book might not be your cup of tea.  It is like a fine whiskey that will burn going down.  It has many BDSM style scenes and is a dark read.  And if you don’t like cliff hangers, then you are out of luck, because the cliff hanger at the end of this book is more of a free fall from 12 billion feet!  This book will grab your attention from the very first page and leave you begging for more.
So don’t be shy my pretties!  Pick up and start at the beginning!  You will be glad you did.
*ARC provided by Olivia Ryann
5 star

About Olivia Ryann

Olivia Ryann is the dark romance pen name of Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Top 20 Bestseller Vivian Wood. She loves poetic phrases and bits of melodic memories. She adores dominant, hard men and soft, fragile women with backbones made of steel. She wants to put them together as often as possible, in unconventional ways.
You can find Olivia on Facebook:
If you haven’t ever read any of her work as Vivian Wood, we suggest beginning with Addiction and Obsession.
*Author info and picture credit Amazon Author Page.

The Series

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 Releases 10/16   Releases 11/15

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