Review Policy

I love to read!  It is my passion.  I read for fun and review to spread my excitement to others.  This is not my full time job.  So please be paitent and understand that a girl only has so much time.  If you would like for me to review a  book check out to see if your book falls under the policy and  fill out the form below.

  • Must be a hardback, paperback, pdf or ebook (MOBI format).  I do not accept audio books for review, since my mind tends to wander to other things when listening and this would be unfair.
  • I would like ARC books to come at least 2-3 weeks early, to allow time to read and give my review.  I can make acceptions depending on backlog.  Be sure to include the release date, so that I can post them day of release.
  • All books must come from authors or publishers.   I will not review any books that I have not purchased, recieved from an author or publisher, borrowed from library or kindle unlimited.
  • I do not sell, donate or loan ARC copies.
  • I give my honest opinion on all my reviews.  I cannot gaurentee that it will be a 5-3 star rating, but I will try and highlight the positive.
  • If I can’t give it a star, it means I did not finish it.  Therefore I will not review it and email you the reason for DNF-.

I accept Adult and some YA fiction in the following genres:

  • Thriller
  • Adventure
  • Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery
  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Erotica
  • Dark Romance
  • Women Slueths

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:

  • Non-fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Memoirs/modern biographies/autobiographies
  • Contemporary
  • Political books

Disclosure:  All reviews are 100% mine and are not influenced by authors or publishers.  I do not receive any payment for my reviews and have the right to refuse to review for any reason of my chosing.  I do this because of my passion to read.  Book excerpts, author and book cover pictures come from Amazon, Goodreads, Authors’ pages or Netgalley.

Rating Scale