Tag: Romances That Rip Your Soul To Pieces

Thanks to Nel@Reactionary Tales and Lana@ Lana (Sleepless in wherever)  for tagging me in the Romances That Rip Your Soul To Pieces tag.  This tag was created by my pal Nel over at Reactionary Tales.  She is so much fun to communicate with.  Her blog is fun and interesting.  She is very nice and really does … Continue reading Tag: Romances That Rip Your Soul To Pieces

TAG: Romance Fails in Fiction

Thank you to Jay @ This Is My Truth Now for tagging me in this awesome love fail tag.  This is going to be so much fun.  Also a big thank you to Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities for creating this fun new tag she’s.  Here’s what she’s told us: Kate's Overview: Let me explain … Continue reading TAG: Romance Fails in Fiction

Anything But Books Tag

I was tagged in a really fun tag by Jeanna Nicole over at Book Mark Your Thoughts  ! I love her blog.  She has some really great book reviews and great topics to discuss.  She and I have recently started communicating in the big blog world and I feel she has become a good friend.  She … Continue reading Anything But Books Tag

Book Tag

Thanks to Jay @This Is My Truth Now for tagging me! Such an exciting thing to do discussing the middle of the year in our book challenges. I love to talk about great reads. Jay and I have recently became great friends in the blogging world.  He has some great posts and topics of discussion.  He … Continue reading Book Tag

Unpopular Opinions Tag

I was tagged in the “Unpopular Opinions Book” tag by Inspiration Pie .  I have recently connected with her.  I love her posts.  She not only talks about books, but all walks of life.  She is sweet and entertaining with her posts.  She engages with other bloggers and even makes comments on posts.  She takes the time to … Continue reading Unpopular Opinions Tag