Hump Day Post!!! Welcome Wednesday and we are at the half way mark to the weekend. It has been an extremely long time since I did a Hump Day Post. Life just gets in the way sometimes and before you know it years have passed by. My blog just had it's 4th birthday last month. It is … Continue reading Hump Day Post!!!


HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!!!! Hello my fellow bloggers and heathens!! How is everyone surviving this quarantine Wednesday? Me, working from home and trying to stay sane. This COVID-19 has the world in a economic bind. As we wait patiently for the world to get back to normal, we do the best we can to entertain ourselves … Continue reading BACK BY POPLAR DEMAND


What Day Is It?  HUMP DAY!!!!! That's right you crazy blogging peeps!  How's it going?  How are we all surviving this week so far?  Ready for the long weekend.  Labor Day in the States is quickly approaching and most of us have that day off from work.   Anyone have plans?  Cookouts?  Me?  I am traveling … Continue reading HUMP DAY 8/29


Well hello! Hello! Hello to all you blogging peeps out there.  How are we all doing this fine mid week day!  I am well!  Things have been super busy at my place.  I have been redoing a bathroom for a while now and now the finish line is near.  We started with replacing the shower, … Continue reading HAPPY HUMP DAY!


Good morning my blogging peeps.  Guess what day it is?  HUMP DAY!!!!!   That's right!  It is that mid day of the week and we are that much closer to the weekend!  Speaking of weekends... How was everyone's weekend last week?  Mine was fabulous.  I went kayaking with my nephew, for a last getaway before he goes … Continue reading HUMP DAY!!!