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Review | Always Mine

36590917Always Mine (69th Street Bad Boys)

by Amy Brent (Goodreads Author)
 4.79  ·   Rating details ·  19 Ratings  ·  16 Reviews

She’s forbidden fruit, untouchable, off limits. 

Amelia Wilson is my employee and …the woman I left behind in the hotel room six years ago.

Yes it was a one night stand – for me.

For her? May be not.

Her sassiness drives me mad.

And that a$$ she hides under those straight skirts doesn’t do any good either.

I want to make it up to her,

But this s*xy bombshell doesn’t seem interested.

And just as I think everything’s going to fall in place,

The super confident b*tch takes a business decision.

A decision involving my money,

Without consulting me.

I guess, it’s time to teach her a lesson!

Always Mine is a standalone second chance romance in the 69th St. Bad Boys series. It has no cliffhanger, no cheating and a happily ever after. It features a dominant alpha male and his feisty BBW. It can be read on its own but if you like Manhattan billionaires and the women who win their hearts, be sure to read the rest of the series!

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My Review

Another great 69St Bad Boy Novel!  I am loving how even though all these books are in the same series, they each have a different author.  Which really has put  a wonderful spin on the series.  Each story unique in its own way.

In this novel, we have a second chance romance in the making.  Amelia has just started a new job.  She has landed the CEO position of a hotel chain.  What she doesn’t realize when she accepts it is that the owner of said chain is a one night stand from six years ago.

Lincoln is said owner of the hotel chain and billionaire resident of the famous Avalon.  Home to the rich and the rich.  wink wink  He is not prepared to handle having his one night stand working as the CEO of his hotel chain.  First reaction… her.  But his bff and co-worker won’t let him.  He has to agree that Amelia is perfect for the position and knows her stuff.  But can they put aside the past to move forward with the company in a professional manner.  Well hopping back into bed with one another sure isn’t gonna help matters.

With Lincoln confused about his feelings, he is on a war path and Amelia is in the line of fire.  She just may lose her career.  But when tragedy strikes, Lincoln feels like an idiot and has to figure out a way to make it right.

This was another great read by Amy Brent.  I recently discovered her books not to long ago and have enjoyed them immensely.  She has a wonderful writing style.  She has a way with writing about those bad boys.

The characters in her books are highly entertaining and will draw you into the story.  In this book Amelia’s character is a sassy, brilliant woman.  But she is also a strong survivor.  Lincoln is a lonely and sexy as sin billionaire.  But he is also stubborn with a dose of caring and love that are hidden underneath.

This story is full of love, sassiness, strength and determination.  Amy took a sexy hot man and turned his story into one of passion and caring love.  If you are looking for a hot sexy read with a dose of reality, then this book is for you.

*ARC provided by Amy Brent


The Series

Amy Brent Amy writes hot, spicy romances that feature gorgeous alpha men who love to protect their women. Amy’s heroes are rough, hot, bad boys and billionaires who possess that soft heart a woman definitely yearns for.

Wanna read about older men, single dads, and their totally off limits younger women?

You are at the perfect place!

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Review|Rescue Me

36561525Rescue Me

 4.65  ·   Rating details ·  34 Ratings  ·  30 Reviews
Blaine had a perfect kind of lifestyle…
Picking up his new honey to keep his bed loud
No commitment…no stress and no heartbreaks!Well that was until he met Josie in a bar
One look at her perfectly structured curves and those long sexy legs.
And he didn’t want to break away from her
Things started out simple…
But then, sudden dis-appearance of Josie’s father…
Which could cost her freedom or even her life!
Well guess what, Blaine’s found a new purpose to his life!Don’t you worry Josie, Blaine is there by your side!

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My Review

Josie is quiet school teacher, who has a father with a gambling addiction. She has worked her entire life taking care of her father. No time for herself or love. One night she goes out for a night on the town to celebrate her friends upcoming wedding. There she meets a handsome stranger.

Blaine is a lawyer, who inherited his family’s practice and fortune when his parents died a few years ago. He has just been coasting along. Alone and afraid to live. He is a bonafide player. He is on the prowl for his next one night stand, when he spots her across the room.

Blaine and Josie have a hot night of sex and he leaves as planned. What he didn’t plan on was wanting to see her again. He starts up a world wind romance with her, quickly falling in love with her.

When her father gets Josie in some major trouble that lands Josie in jail, Blaine is heartbroken. He will do anything to help her. What will Josie do? Protect herself or her father? Things get dicey and lives are threatened. Josie sees no other way out. Will she leave the only person who loves her to protect him?

This was another compelling Mia Ford book. Full of hot sex, action, adventure and thrills. A story that will have you on the edge of your seat. With lovable intense characters. I was biting my nails with worry over Josie and Blaine.

Mia Ford has a wonderful writing style. Her stories flow smoothly and flawlessly. Taking a really hot man and creating a story that is not only full of hot steamy sex but serious drama, adventure and thrills.

This is a page turner full of action. If you like a good thriller with hot man candy, then this is for you.


*ARC provided by Mia Ford


 Some Books By Mia



Book Review| Dirty Prince

Dirty Prince by [Corgan, Sky]

Dirty Prince

by Sky Corgan (Goodreads Author)
 4.14  ·   Rating details ·  28 Ratings  ·  25 Reviews
From USA Today bestselling author Sky Corgan comes a wartime romance that will have you swooning and fanning yourself.

I invaded her country, but I’m going to invade more than that.

I caught the silhouette of a woman out of the corner of my eye when I was carrying out an execution.
She could have been a spy, so I had no choice but to follow her.
When I cornered her in an abandoned house, I knew I had to have her.

I’m just trying to survive this bloody war.
When I heard men’s voices on the other side of the fence, I couldn’t help but be curious.
The sound of gunshots sent me scurrying back to my camp. I never expected to be followed.
Now this handsome stranger is demanding that I come with him. He says that the only way to save me is to let him put a baby inside me. I’ve never been with a man before, but when he looks at me with those hungry eyes, it’s hard to say no. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a handsome prince.

Heat level: Smokin’ Hot

Dirty Prince is a super romantic stand-alone novel. If you thought chivalry was dead, this book will reignite it in your soul.

Goodreads | Amazon


My Review

Well you can say the title says it all.  Dirty Prince takes place in a time when war has turned a country upside down.  Anya is a scraggler.  Scavenging to find food to take back to the camp that she has taken refuge in.  While out hunting for food she hears a group of men talking.  curious and scared she hides out on the second floor of a house.  She uses the height to peek out the window and observe what is going on.

Prince Fynn is out in the field in his encampment working for his father.  He and his troops are searching for rebels.  He is talking with his chief in command and best friend Daniel.  They are discussing the group of rebels that are being executed.  Once the execution is over, Fynn takes a min to collect hisself.  This war is almost over and he is so tired and ready to return home.  He happens to catch a woman staring down at him from an abandon house.  He sends a guard after her.

Prince Fynn keeps recalling the woman he saw.  He goes to the camp that the guard said she ran to and keeps tabs on her.  She is beautiful and he is drawn to her.  He feels protective of her.  He decides the best way to keep her safe is to send food to the camp.

Daniel comes to Fynn and lets him know they are needing to do a sweep of sector 17 again.  Fynn can’t have her camp leaving and him not knowing where she is.  He goes and tells her that she must come with him to repay the food debt and the people of the camp can leave.

Anya is scared.  She doesn’t know what Fynn wants from her.  She is a virgin and is not going to be a willing sex slave.  She rather wash floors.  When Daniel and Fynn get into a fight she finds that Fynn is actually in love with her.  Can she risk his safety?  Can she leave him?

Things get really dicey and Anya’s life is in danger.  What will happen now?  Will she survive or become another victim of war?

This story was a good solid read.  The characters are so loveable.  The prince is a dirty boy.  What he wants he gets.  Anya is very shy and reserved.  She is sweet and caring, even to those who try to hurt her.

A definite page turner.  In this book you will find war, betrayal, hurt and most important love.  It is a steady paced story full of action and adventure.  Not to mention great sex scenes that will make you moan.  Can I have  my own  dirty prince?  😉

*ARC provided by Sky Corgan


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Book Review| Date The Billionaire

36576781Date The Billionaire

by Summer Cooper (Goodreads Author)
 4.75  ·   Rating details ·  32 Ratings  ·  32 Reviews
I’m sick of the billionaire lifestyle.

I’m sick of f*cking women who are just after my money!

So, I go back to the only place I feel truly safe… grandma’s, my only family.

Just as I started to think I might finally catch a break, grandma announced that she’s going to ‘help’ me find true love — she’s signed me up to a reality TV dating show!

Life is just f*cking great. 

Goodreads | Amazon

My Review

Ohhhh!  I am so loving this book.  Bravo Summer!  Another great book!  Her books just keep getting better and better.  This particular book was so much fun to read.  I could not put it down.  It had such a great story line.  One that really hasn’t been written before.  Look out Bachelor!  You got nothing on Summer Cooper!

Let’s take a look into our story shall we.  Laney is a law student.  All she does is study and work.  Her bff & roomie Tony thinks she needs to experience life a little.  He thinks she is turning into a little old lady too soon.  Man she is only in her twenties.  So he decides to blind side her and sign her up for a dating game show.  She is going to kill him!

Jake is a billionaire.  A hot sexy as sin billionaire who is the owner of his own tech company.  He has just moved into his grandmother’s basement to hide and get some peace and quiet.  He is tired of people hounding him for money.  Especially women.  They throw themselves at him.  They send dirty pictures etc. to entice him to fall in love with him, all because he is rich.  Why can’t he meet a nice girl?  He really doesn’t have much time to date anyway, since he has an empire to run.

Jake’s grandmother thinks her grandson needs a wife and family.  She doesn’t want him to be alone after she leaves this world.  So she blind sides him and signs him up to be a bachelor on a dating game.  What!?!  He really can’t tell his grandmother no, now can he?

rose GIF

Rules of the game, no one will know he is a billionaire.  There are three total bachelors including himself.  The women know there is one billionaire, but don’t know who it is.  This is Jake’s chance to meet a good girl.

On the first night of the game show Jake meets the women who are competing for his attention and love.  When Laney steps out at the top of the stairs, he stares straight into her soul.  He is captivated.  No other girl has caught his attention like she has.  He wants her and only her.  But the producer of the show has other plans for him and Laney is not it.  With his future already in place by the producer, he is destined to lose.  The producer throws all the obstacles she can at him.  Can he find true love?  Or is he destined to follow the plan laid out before him?

This book was absolutely entertaining.  I could not put it down.  The characters were so fun and lively.  I really enjoyed the snarky banter between everyone.  Especially Jake’s gran with her gin!  She is a feisty old lady.  Hilarious to boot!  Tony is Laney’s gay bff and he cracks me up.  He is such a ton of fun.

This story has it all.  Lies, deception, fun and love.  It is like a behind the scenes tour of the Bachelor or that show Secret Princes.  Rich man hiding his wealth to find Mrs. Right.  So much fun!  I really can’t wait to see what new book Summer puts out next.  One of my absolute favorite authors.  She is an amazing writer.  She takes a hot sexy man and turns it into a serious yet entertaining and fun read.  Let’s not forget to mention the hot as hell sex scenes.  Ohh la la!  That Jake can warm my bed anytime. 😉❤️

*ARC provided by Summer Cooper



An image posted by the author.Author Bio

Summer Cooper. Discover the wild girl in you.

Besides her love of chocolate, dogs and music… reading and writing is Summer’s number one route to escape from crazy friends, family and the in-laws!

She found her own happily ever after with a martial arts fighter who also happens to be an adorable IT geek! Now, she loves to write about hot alpha males that come with a pretty face and covered in tough-as-nails muscle… who are secretly looking for their true soul mate (shhh…)!

Receive 10 free books and 1 free audio book today by signing up to her exclusive reader club (to get the latest news about ARCs, new releases, and discounted and free books!).


*Author info is from Amazon and picture is Summer Coopers 


More Reads By Summer

Reveiw by:



Sara Butler Zalesky
Publication date: July 4th 2016
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports, Suspense

Known as the Ice Queen of the peloton, pro cyclist Loren Mackenzie rarely shows emotion in the heat of competition; she leads her team with quiet strength and determination. But her successes have not come without suffering, and her tragic past is hidden inside tarnished armor.

While out on a training ride with her cycling team near Enfield, England, a chance meeting quickly develops into an unexpected whirlwind romance. But a relationship with an A-list celebrity brings with it the microscope of tabloid-media attention, which expose jealousy and rivalry that threaten to undermine Loren’s leadership of her team.

The new romance also reveals a dangerous obsession, culminating in a terrifying confrontation with someone from Loren’s past. Her injuries not only put her chances at the World Championship in jeopardy but also bring forth memories of a life she had long buried – for good reason.

Can Loren open her heart to the love she has held at a distance, or will her fear ultimately defeat her?

The follow up novel in the Wheeler series is coming soon.

Goodreads / Amazon


My Review

Image result for women cycling quotesIn this book Loren is a professional woman’s cyclist in Europe.  She is known as the Ice Queen due to her lack of emotions during the heart of competitions.  She has had a very dark past and has suffered most horrific things.  She uses this pain from the suffering to push herself to the max during competitions.  One of these things comes in the form of Felix, her sporting director.

After an accident and a mishap, Loren is left stranded on the side of the road.  When a handsome stranger stops to help her, she is very cautious and refuses help.  The knight in shining armor just happens to be a famous actor Graham Atherton.  Surprised she lets him help her.

Graham beats himself up for not getting the beautiful woman’s phone number.  But he remembers her logo on her bike jersey and has his agent track her down.  And so begins the romance.  As the romance blossoms it stirs up jealousy in the form of Felix.

cycling GIFLoren is in a horrible bike accident and has to be rushed to the hospital.  This is where everything start to go wrong.  As Loren pushes herself to continue the competition, her headaches come on stronger and then Felix starts cornering her.  What is she going to do?  Loren is determined to do this on her own.  She is scared to ask for help.  As her past comes back to haunt her and she gets hurt yet again, she starts to feel as if she is falling apart.  With Worlds coming up she is worried that she will lose herself before it is all over.

Quote from Loren throughout the book. “I am the storm.  I am enough.”

Image result for women cycling quotesThe characters in this book were amazing.  Loren is a role model for those who have had tragedy in their lives.  She is strong, courageous and plain out wonderful.  She has endured so much personal tragedy in her life.   I am amazed by her character in this story and her rise from the ashes of her past.  Graham is so sweet, caring, strong, honest and kind.   He is the kind of man that will melt your heart.  He is not one without tragedy in his past as well.  The love story between these two is heart warming.  It has pain, strength and everlasting.  Reading their story is like watching two broken souls piece together as one stronger than before.  Better together than alone.

Even though the main characters of this book shine so bright, so do other characters.  There are so many beautiful people in this book.  I enjoyed getting to know them.  Like CeCe for instance.  She is Loren’s best friend, sister and confidant.  They even bonded on a blood pack.  She is so full of life and an all around fun person.  She really brings out the best in Loren when she needs it most.  Anthony is another one.  He is Loren’s sort of adopted brother.  He is loyal to Loren and would do anything to protect her.  He has endured a huge amount of pain and loss and has come out stronger because of Loren.  These are just a few of my favorites.  There are so many more.  I could go on for days.

Image result for women cycling quotesThis book was an intense roller coaster ride.  I was sucked into this read from the very beginning.  There were moments I was balling up my fist and biting my nails.   And then there were times I was ugly crying.   This book is not a romance novel.  It does have a romantic story in it but that is not the center piece.  I believe the book is centered around Loren and her personal journey that brings her to the place in her life where she can really let go and be free.

cycling GIFI really enjoyed the way the author built up the story slowly, with it getting more and more intense with each page.  She draws her audience into the story effortlessly.  I was very impressed with her writing.  I have to warn you that this book did have a cliff hanger and I was like NOOOOOOO!!!!!  But no worries, I hear she is planning to release a followup novel.  Which in my opinion she can not write it fast enough. wink wink

So if you like books with thrills, chills and romance, then this book is perfect for you.  I highly suggest this book!  I could go on for days talking about this book, but I don’t like spoilers and I won’t do that to you.  I do have to warn you that there are some French lines in it.   I was very thankful for Google to help translate.  You will learn a lot about the cycling world.  It is very exciting.  So go out and pick up your copy or download one now.  You will not regret it.

*ARC provided by Xpresso Book Tours & Sara Butler Zalesky

Image result for cycling quotes


Author Bio:

Sara was born in the wee hours of a November night in New York City. When her family moved to a small borough in northwestern New Jersey, she had little choice but to move as well. Self-sufficiency is a tough thing for a toddler.

The dichotomy of being the middle child of three, but the only girl, was difficult, as typically no one really pays attention to a middle child. Mostly, Sara spent her time creating fanciful stories in her head when she should have been focused on other things, an issue that continues to this day.

Most of these stories have never been shared, let alone completed. This all changed in the spring of 2015, when Sara was encouraged by a friend to expand upon a short story she had accidentally emailed to him. The result is ‘Wheeler’, a romantic, women’s fiction/sport novel, which combines the author’s romantic inclinations and her passion for cycling.

Sara currently resides in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, with her loving husband and their son. She is a paralegal for a boutique law firm in Chester County, Pa, an avid road cyclist and indoor cycling instructor at a national chain.

Follow the author’s blog at or on Twitter @sarazalesky. She does a little dance every time someone ‘follows’ her on Twitter. Really.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter

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