This blog is not just any book blog, it is a world of imagination and excitement. We have a good time over at Moohnshine’s Corner. We talk books read, books to read, authors, contests and such. Sometimes I throw a little movie post or pics of cakes I bake. We love chatting up our favorite books and authors. We help you lovely authors to promote your books you love writing. Why? Because we love reading them.

Meet the Blogger

file-1 (1).pngHi all!  I am Patty.  I am married to my amazing husband James.  Or family is made up of our son, step daughter and our three dogs.  I love my family.  I am a multi-talented individual with lots of hobbies.  I like to craft, bake, sew, read and dabble in photography.  I love the beach, traveling (not that I go to many places), movies and music.  But the most important thing about me is I love to read!

By definition I am a book nerd! My passion is to get lost in a story as if I were watching a movie.  I love interacting with authors and am a member of a few street teams. (The Grimlets, Team Camilla, etc.)  I post reviews of books on several sites such as Amazon, GORead, Goodreads, Nook and IBooks. I post on Twitter and Facebook. But the most important thing is I just enjoy reading and love sharing my enjoyment with others.

How this Blog came to be:  One day while out doing my 4 mile walk, talking books (as usual), my friend Pauline says “Hey why don’t you start blogging about the books you read”.  I thought about it and wondered hmmmm “Maybe I should.”  So I started this blog and named it Moohnshine’s Corner. Yes I spelled it wrong, on purpose.  Long standing joke! LOL!

Hope you like it.  Thanks.  #HappyReading


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  1. Hi Patty. Thanks for following my humble blog. Right now I use it mainly to repost things from other blogs. I also help run MotiveMeansOpportunity.wordpress.com — a blog where we mainly feature crime/mystery,thriller/suspense, etc. We’ve been on hiatus because of writer deadlines, etc., but are beginning to slowly revive MMO. I’m now following your blog, and I’ve followed you on Twitter. Hope to send you a review request soon. Thanks again, and take care. All best to you and your family.

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