Numinous by Victoria Woods is now live!

Prophetic nightmares. Spirit possession. Dark magic.
Childhood obsession turned irresistible passionate affair.
How does a sweet girl from Louisiana get tangled into a web of horror and lies?

I had the hard heart of a hustler. It was the only reason I had lived this long to tell my tale.
The American dream was mine for the taking.
My past would never be my future, and nothing would get in my way—or so I thought. Turquoise-eyed spirit—that’s what I called her. She had bewitched me the moment I laid eyes on her.
But her curiosity in a world that she had no business tampering with was too much for me to handle. I warned her that it would only bring trouble, but she didn’t listen.
What I wasn’t expecting was that trouble would find me in the most unexpected way.
Giving her up would be the most difficult thing I had ever done, but it was my only option.

America’s sweetheart.
As the innocent daughter of a Southern politician, this was the role that I had been groomed to assume. I was expected to fulfill the family legacy and marry a man I could hardly stand.
But magic beckoned me—the type of magic that one should think twice before conjuring.
Its pull was almost as strong as the dark and mysterious stranger that had crossed my perfectly straight path.
He was everything that was missing from my life: excitement, danger, seduction.
One kiss, and I was instantly his—until sinister forces threatened to tear him away from me.
How could I survive without him? But then again, I wasn’t so sure I could survive staying with him.
Now, my only saving grace was something that I couldn’t explain—that feeling that they call numinous.

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The book contains many dark triggers such as, dark sexual scenes, BDSM, rape, human trafficking, and infidelity.”  This book is not to be read lightly. So don’t pick up this book and one star review it for all the hot steamy scenes or dark scary ones.  You have been warned.  This book is not for you. +18

Now to the review……

Enter a dark world of danger, taboo romances and voodoo queens. This dark new sexy read is sure to grab your attention. Be prepared as Gran will decide your fate. What will yours be?….

Hold on tight ladies and gents.  Victoria Woods has created a new dark romance that will have you believing in the power of dark magic.  In this dark taboo romance, readers will experience the unexplainable, horror, passion and love unlike any other.  Do you believe in possession? In black magic and dark arts? Well this is no Harry Potter story, it is something much more sinister and dark.

Blossom is young and naïve.  She comes from money and lives the life of a proper lady.  Molded and shaped by her strict mother, she is destined to marry wealth, yet she falls for a young man, who is beneath her class.  A relationship that is forbidden.  A relationship so sinful and sexual, she will remain ruined to anyone else. 

When she winds up interrupting a voodoo ritual, Blossom begins to hear a voice in her head.  Not only that but she starts sleepwalking and having nightmares?   She begins to understand that things are not always what they seem and someone wants revenge.

“Next come the dreams.” “They become so real that you can no longer distinguish them from reality.  The spirits slither their way deep into your subconscious, intertwining their thoughts with yours.  Making their desires yours.”

“The things that you fear, the things that you lust for, when your eyes are closed under the sheets, they begin to crossover into your waking hours”

This book is a steady read.  It is not rushed and the author took her time laying out the sequence of events into pure perfection. So if you are looking for a quick read, know that this is not it. This book contains many dark triggers and should only be read by strong readers who enjoy dark, smutty romance. 

I did not know what I was getting into going in.  But I was pleasantly surprised at the unique storyline and dark characters.  This book is full of sinful and forbidden pleasures. Pleasures of the BDSM variety, that will make a newbie to this type of world, curious. It burns up the pages, making you bite your lip and become heated all over with every page read. This book is so hot that it exceeds a heat level 10 scale.

On top of all the steamy forbidden romance there is a dark sinister story.  A story so dark and disturbing it will have you feeling as if someone is watching you, making the hairs on your neck stand on end. One filled with rotting flesh and bones.  A place where dreams become nightmares and nightmares become reality.  You will not be able to distinguish between what is real or what is a nightmare. 

The voodoo side of the story is very intriguing and mysterious.  Sometimes it is a bit scary and yet it plays into the story perfectly. This subject to me is very interesting and I was excited to read a story with voodoo in it and have to say I was not disappointed in the outcome.

The characters in this book are dark in nature and are very head strong.  Some are unusual and some are not so nice, like her evil uncle and horrible husband. Even the creatures in the story were creepy and evil looking.

“A creature was perched on a ledge in the gilded cage.  Gnarly hair covered its entire body.  Two short and blunt horns protruded from atop its head.”

Blossom is sweet and innocent, which puts her in the worst situations. She really struggles sometimes to have a voice of her own. Julien is dominating, dark, mysterious and protective. Not to mention he is sinfully sexy. Blossom and Julien have a love that is forbidden and their story is not a happy one.

Overall, this book was an excellent read and I really enjoyed it.  It was full of things that go bump in the night, with a dark side of romance.  It is raw and dirty, yet oh so sweet. You will have some very shocking moments, that will have you gasping for breath, questioning your beliefs and wondering what other things are out there waiting to consume us. 

Even though this book does not seem like it will be made into a series, I could totally see Brooklyn and Jones having a book of their own. Let’s encourage Ms. Woods to write more by reading and loving this dark and sinful story.


Victoria Woods is an Bestselling Author who enjoys crafting stories filled with suspense, smart female leads, and sexy alpha-males. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and human, as well as fur, children. Drinking coffee while creating stories as the infamous Seattle rain taps at her window keeps her inspired.
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