Book Review/Say you’re mine

Sky has been hurt badly by her ex Mac. He did a number on her and now trust doesn’t come easy. So when her and her friend Robert start getting close, she digs deeper into the relationship deeming it one sided. Always giving away pieces of herself, yet never getting anything in return. So naturally she falls back on no trust.

Rob is a partner in the law firm that Sky’s close friends own. He has worked hard to have the life he has. But he has a double life and a dark secret. A secret that could ruin everything. So when he starts to fall for Sky he pulls away. He can’t tell her about his past or present. So he pulls away. But when a blast from the past blows into town, Rob’s wall of secrets may just come crumbling down and there is nothing to save him now.

This book, like many books by Ms Brooks is a hot romance, filled with lots of emotions. She is an excellent romance author. She knows how to create the perfect mix of steamy, yet deep emotional stories.

I loved the strength of the main characters in this book. Sky is loyal and independent. Rob is a super hero, making sure everyone is taken care of. They both love very deeply and this book exposes every emotion.

Their journey is not easy, yet a happily ever after could be in the cards for them. You will have to read it to find out.

Overall this book was a great read. It was full of intense emotions and devious plotting. With strong characters you are sure to enjoy every minute of it.

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