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MayaMy post-college plans include vlogging, drinking around the world, and following my brother as he races in every Grand Prix. I didn’t anticipate Noah Slade, Formula 1’s World Champion and resident bad boy—a damaged prince who acts like a villain. His vulnerability breaks me down and holds me captive, ruining me for any man who dares to come after him. There’s no point asking for my heart back because he’ll shatter it before I have the chance.NoahFans call me the American Prince, the only son of a Formula 1 legend. I live for standing on Prix podiums while crowds chant my name, champagne drips down my face, and adrenaline rushes through my veins. Women want to screw me while men want to be me. But no one challenges me more than Maya Alatorre, the sister of my rival and new teammate. We’re a ticking time bomb, about one wrong move away from exploding. But with her, I want to trip the wire, detonating together in passion and pain. Because, in the end, all’s fair in lust and war.Add to your Goodreads TBR:


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The air in the small room feels heavy, like all the oxygen was sucked out of it. He’s a hurricane catching me in the eye of the storm, giving me a false sense of security before the winds pick up again. A catastrophic and relentless disaster in the making.


How I feel about him is messy. It doesn’t fit nicely into checked boxes or a pros and cons list. I struggle to understand my conflicting emotions, which ends up pissing me off more. Part of me wishes he could commit to trying a real relationship while another part of me thinks he’s not even worth the trouble.


His tongue takes the opportunity to invade my mouth and stroke against mine, a relentless exploration demanding everything from me. He tastes like mint and champagne, a shockingly wonderful combination.


Are you an adrenaline junkie? If you answered yes to this question, then I have got the book for you. Throttled is the first book in the new Dirty Air series by Lauren Asher. I have to say this book is an action packed hot as hell romance. With amazing characters and set in the fast paced F-1 racing world, this series is sure to become a favorite.

Maya has finally graduated college with a degree in television and she feels so accomplished. But as always she is in the shadow of her brother who just got signed to the top F-1 Team, Bandini. When her brother begs her to go with him on tour she agrees. She has always supported him and with the new camera she plans to make a name for herself with Vlogging.

Noah is a F-1 god!!! When he is behind the wheel of his car nothing else matters. He is the car. His focus is spot on. But he harbors a dark secret. A secret that has made a dark impression on him and the way he lives his life. No relationships and no second dates. There is no woman he can’t take to bed. That is until he meets Maya.

Maya is a force to be reckoned with. She is a beautiful, intelligent and spunky woman. Always being in her brother’s shadow has really darkened her light. But as the F-1 season moves forward she sees the light and wants to shine. With the help of some new friends Maya finds the person she was meant to be.

Noah and Maya’s relationship is forbidden and exciting. There is no denying the chemistry between them, making this story explosive! The racing, the hot men and amazing story line will have you on the edge of your seat from page one! Reading this book is fun and exciting! I guarantee you will fall in love and become a huge fan. I know I did.

This book should be on your must read list. With amazing characters and fast paced setting you are sure to love it.


Self-diagnosed with an overactive imagination, Lauren spends her free time reading and writing. Her dream is to travel to all the places she writes about. She enjoys writing about flawed yet relatable characters you can’t help loving. She likes sharing fast-paced stories with angst, steam, and the emotional spectrum. Her extra-curricular activities include watching YouTube, binging old episodes of Parks and Rec, and searching Yelp for new restaurants before choosing her trusted favorite. She works best after her morning coffee and will never deny a nap.


Website: https://laurenasher.comInstagram: Reader Group:

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