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Aconite and Accusations: Mystery

(The Witches of Wormwood #5)

by Ruby Loren (Goodreads Author) 

4.72  ·   Rating details ·  60 ratings  ·  33 reviews

On Midsummer’s Eve, a town will vanish. 
A witch, a devil, a detective, and a talking cat are the only ones who can stop it from happening. 
That makes the sudden appearance of a mystery body even more inconvenient than usual.

Who is the unidentified man in the river, and why does the invisible barrier around town seem to keep letting in the worst kind of people? 

…Like the three annoying ghost hunters who roll into Wormwood with about as much supernatural ability between them as a cheese sandwich. 

…And the definitely evil Amber Leroux who arrives intent on digging her claws into DCI Admiral. 

Wormwood has always been weird, but things are about to get even more strange.

If you like talking cats, smart mysteries, and snarky humour, you’ll love this magical mystery series. Discover the magic today!

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As always this book was a fun and exciting read. I love this paranormal series! It has all sorts of interesting characters from witches, hell hounds, shifters and talking cats amongst other exciting things that go bump in the night. With all these exciting characters you are in for a treat of mysterious dangerous fun.

This is book 5 of the Witches of Wormwood and boy things are heating up. The veil between worlds is thinning and the mayor is up to no good. Doomsday is approaching fast and our heroine Hazel is running out of time and options. With a body floating in the river and tourists overflowing Wormwood, things really get dangerous and difficult. Access to Wormwood is getting more difficult by the day and those who are there may be trapped. 

Hazel is facing her most difficult task yet and secrets are starting to reveal themselves. A long lost relative may reveal themselves and the Council is pushing the limits to discover things that Hazel is not certain is in the best interest of her safety. 

Will Hazel stop Armageddon? Or will the prophecy of her death come true?

I love Hazel and all her friends. Her love interest takes a turn in an unexpected way and the secret to what happened to her father will be revealed. This book is a huge turning point in the series. I could not put it down. It was full of danger, mystery and secrets revealed. This cute paranormal series is fun and adventurous. I can’t wait to see if the story will continue. 

Overall this book is a fun quirky read. It is set in a paranormal background with many different individuals, witches, demons, hellhounds and talking cats. It has plenty of laughs, secret crushes, deceit and danger to go around. You are sure to love this cozy series.

Be sure to read in order.

*Picture credit to Ruby Loren

About Ruby Loren

*Author pic and bio credit Amazon Author Page

Ruby Loren was born and raised in East Sussex, England. She writes cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, and stories about rockstars. Her books are designed to take you away to a little slice of a different world, often set in a rural corner of South East England. Full of ideas, she is always busy writing her next bestseller!

Ruby is the author of the Madigan Amos cozy mysteries, a funny, twisty series that stars zookeeper, Madigan Amos, and is set in Sussex. She has many other cozy mystery series under her belt, including the Blooming series, the Emily Haversson Mysteries, the Hayley Argent Mysteries, and the Holly Winter Mysteries, all set in England. 

The themes of her books range from cunning, twisty plots, to slightly silly, humorous mysteries, designed to make you laugh. Her books are perfect for readers, who love to get a know a character, and like to look on the lighter side of life. 

Ruby still lives near Brighton, in East Sussex, with her fox-fighting, bird-murdering cat, Jasper. When she’s not writing, she’s travelling the world with her musical duo, Rumours, playing electric guitar and singing lead vocals. 

To find out more about Ruby and pick up 3 free books, visit her website:

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