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Belladonna and a Body: Mystery

(The Witches of Wormwood #4)

by Ruby Loren (Goodreads Author) 

4.75  ·   Rating details ·  71 ratings  ·  41 reviews

What happens when the sleuth becomes the suspect? 
Once the town’s hero witch, Hazel Salem is now the prime suspect in a murder investigation. 

Her fall from grace is nearly complete when a stranger comes to town and throws a spanner in the works – one large enough to alter the course of the murder investigation. 

Hazel knows she’s being framed. 

But who is out to get her… and how far will they go to put her out of the picture? 

Wormwood has always had its secrets… but this one might be its darkest yet.

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Hazel Salem has just had a bomb dropped on her. The question that she has searched for an answer to, for many years has just been answered….”Who is her father?” When a solicitor has stopped in to see Hazel, she not only gets the answer to that age old question, she inherits everything. But even a run down mansion really doesn’t answer the questions to what happened to him and why he was never around.

Hazel has a new mission. To find out more about her father and what happened to him years ago when he disappeared. But if Hazel knew coming back to town after her trip to the mansion was going to land her as a suspect to murder, she may have just stayed away.

Will Hazel find out who is behind the murder before it is too late?

I have to say that each of these books gets better and better. Each book develops more of the Wormwood world and all the crazy antics the characters are up to. The action develops more with each book as well, making these books more exciting and dangerous.

I love all the characters in the series. They are fun, quirky and strange. Hemlock is my favorite. He is a talking cat or shall I say Hazel’s familiar. He is always up to something and constantly getting in trouble. He really is the worst familiar yet. Let us also not forget Hazel’s beloved hellhound, Erebus. Put him together with Hemlock and you got a world of trouble.

I love Hazel. She is such a strong character. I love the small love triangle the author has put her in. I am team Tristan all the way, but I think Sean might be in the lead after this book. Hazel is on the fence.

Overall this book is a fun quirky read. It is set in a paranormal background with many different individuals, witches, demons, hellhounds and talking cats. It has plenty of laughs, secret crushes, deceit and danger to go around. You are sure to love this cozy series.

Be sure to read in order.

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About Ruby Loren

*Author pic and bio credit Amazon Author Page

Ruby Loren was born and raised in East Sussex, England. She writes cozy mysteries, paranormal mysteries, and stories about rockstars. Her books are designed to take you away to a little slice of a different world, often set in a rural corner of South East England. Full of ideas, she is always busy writing her next bestseller!

Ruby is the author of the Madigan Amos cozy mysteries, a funny, twisty series that stars zookeeper, Madigan Amos, and is set in Sussex. She has many other cozy mystery series under her belt, including the Blooming series, the Emily Haversson Mysteries, the Hayley Argent Mysteries, and the Holly Winter Mysteries, all set in England. 

The themes of her books range from cunning, twisty plots, to slightly silly, humorous mysteries, designed to make you laugh. Her books are perfect for readers, who love to get a know a character, and like to look on the lighter side of life. 

Ruby still lives near Brighton, in East Sussex, with her fox-fighting, bird-murdering cat, Jasper. When she’s not writing, she’s travelling the world with her musical duo, Rumours, playing electric guitar and singing lead vocals. 

To find out more about Ruby and pick up 3 free books, visit her website:

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