Dark Desire

by Summer Cooper (Goodreads Author) 

4.46  ·   Rating details ·  81 ratings  ·  65 reviews

Tall, dark and dangerous… 
That’s what I want for my birthday this year! 

None of my family seems to remember my special day. 
Not that I care about gifts or parties. 
But a simple “happy birthday” would have been nice! 

I’m not usually one to complain, I swear. 
Taking it on the chin and burying it deep down is much more my style. 
But this year, I want a little more. 
I want to lose my virginity! 

I want to live out my deepest, darkest desires. 
Now I just need the perfect man who knows how to please me…

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WOW! Summer Cooper has written the most dark erotic adventure. A first of it’s kind for Summer and I have to amend her for her amazing skills. This book was amazing and the ending will leave you wanting more.

Emily Thompson is a rich girl, flying from one brother’s house to the next, babysitting and being at their beck and call. No life of her own. She wants more than this. She wants to be noticed. She wants to be wanted. Not forgotten, an after thought. Emily gets all that and more the night she meets Mr. Dark.

Dylan James is a hotel tycoon, from the West coast, trying to spread his wings on the East coast. But every time he finds a property to buy he gets blocked. Frustrated and needing release. He goes to the exclusive club. So exclusive, you have to be invited to get in. A club unlike any other. A club that no one knows your name, and the dark desires that one may have can be fulfilled. A club with rules. And rules must be followed.

Emily is about to embark on a dark winding journey into a world like no other she has every seen. Can she enjoy and embrace the experience? Or will she lose her family and heart in the process?

This is the first dark book that Summer has written and she did an amazing job. This book was dark, erotic, and entertaining. The story line is intriguing and will draw the reader into the dark underbelly of BDSM. A book that should not be read by someone not remotely interested in this type of sexual world. It is dark and some find it offensive, but others will find it interesting and curious. She has laid out the plot and built the world that these characters will live in. A world that is dark and curious to readers. A world that will draw you in and keep you reading.

Emily and Dylan are wonderful characters and Summer has developed them well with great backstories to introduce us to them. She starts their story in this book and lays the foundation for them to embark on a dark and mysterious journey. A journey that will be filled with lots of deception. A journey that will be amazing and hard. With these two amazing characters this journey is sure to be amazing.

Overall this book is amazing. A steady paced book, with a perfect foundation laid out for the story of these two amazing characters. A story that will draw it’s readers in. A story that will intrigue and entertain. I believe that Summer Coopers book Dark Desires is the start to something really amazing.

*ARC provided by Summer Cooper

Summer Cooper Owns Picture Rights

Besides her love of chocolate, dogs and music… reading and writing is Summer’s number one route to escape from crazy friends, family and the in-laws!

She found her own happily ever after with a martial arts fighter who also happens to be an adorable IT geek! Now, she loves to write about hot alpha males that come with a pretty face and covered in tough-as-nails muscle… who are secretly looking for their true soul mate (shhh…)!

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*Author info is from Amazon and picture is Summer Coopers 

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