Arrange Me

(The Arranged Duo #1)

by Katy Regnery (Goodreads Author) 

4.50  ·   Rating details ·  122 ratings  ·  116 reviews

My name is Courtney Jane Salinger…
and I’m sick of games.

Sick of the Friday night bar-scene-cum-meat-market. 

Sick of the boy-girl, man-woman, mars-venus, flirtation-without-expectation, game-playing nonsense.

Sick of awful dates and one-night stands, booty calls and guys who don’t call back, mixed messages or NO messages and—and—and…I’m sick of all of it. 

I’m done.
I just can’t do it anymore.
It’s too hard, and worse: little by little, it’s making me hard.
It’s breaking my heart.

What do I want?
That’s easy.

I want a house in suburbia with a white picket fence.
I want babies to buckle into a minivan.
But most of all, I want to be married.
I want a husband.

So I’ve made an important decision: I’m making my escape from the dating world and the single life.
I’ve filled out my application on and I’m putting my fate into the hands of experts.

Is it a little scary?
I mean, I have no idea who I’ll end up with. 
After all, I’m planning to marry a complete stranger.

But between you and me?
I can’t wait.

Being arranged can’t possibly be worse than being single.
Can it?

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Courtney is a successful woman, who is sick to death of the dating game. One night during an outing with her best friend Dina, she decides that she wants to skip dating all together and just get married. No more dating. NOPE!!!

“My Name is Courtney Jane Salinger- and I’m sick of games.

Sick of the Friday night bar-scene-cum meat market.

Sick of the boy-girl, man-woman, Mars-Venus, flirtation-without expectation, game-playing nonsense.

Sick of awful dates and one-night stands, booty calls and guys that don’t call back, mixed messages or NO messages and- and- and- I’m sick of all of it.

I’m done.

I just can’t do it anymore.

It’s too hard, and even worse: little by little,

it’s making me hard.

It’s breaking my heart.”

So here we are….in a bar with Josh the hot bartender flirting with Dina and Courtney on the side lines. Josh the hot bartender that doesn’t know she exists. Done! She is done. That is how Courtney finds herself filling out an application for Arrange Me. A service that arranges marriages for people who want a spouse without the hassle of dating. They have experts and all. What could go wrong?

Josh can’t believe his ears. Courtney just signed up for an arranged marriage. Is she crazy? How can this be? He never got the chance to take her on a date. Is it too late??? Can he convince her not to do it?

This book was a unique and original story line. I find the concept of the arrange marriage intriguing and found it to be a fascinating story. The book not only had an original story plot, it was fun and exciting. The characters were amazing. Josh is the sweet guy, who watches from the side lines. He is very interesting with amazing talent. Courtney is very independent and strong willed.

This book is the beginning of Josh and Courtney’s story. Their story is about to take a nose dive in the next book and I am a bit worried for the future. They have a rough road ahead and it may just tear them apart. So be prepared to be left hanging on to find the happy ending that they deserve.

This was the first book by Katy Regnery that I have read. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a wonderful read, with an interesting and unique story line. It has lovable characters and moves along in a smooth and flawless pace. It is a sweet romance full of fun, with plenty of twists to keep things interesting. I am a new fan of her work, that’s for sure!!

So if you love the secret crush romances with a unique twist, then this book is for you. Finally a different approach. A different angle in the romance world, that is fun and interesting. So grab your copy today. You will be glad you did.

*ARC provided by Katy Regnery

About Katy Regnery

Author bio and picture credit Amazon Author page.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Regnery started her writing career by enrolling in a short story class in January 2012. One year later, she signed her first contract, and Katy’s first novel was published in September 2013.

Forty books later, Katy claims authorship of the multititled New York Times and USA Today bestselling Blueberry Lane Series, which follows the English, Winslow, Rousseau, Story, and Ambler families of Philadelphia; the six-book, bestselling ~a modern fairytale~ series; and several other stand-alone novels and novellas, including the critically acclaimed, 2018 RITA© nominated, USA Today bestselling contemporary romance, Unloved, a love story.

Katy’s first modern fairytale romance, The Vixen and the Vet, was nominated for a RITA® in 2015 and won the 2015 Kindle Book Award for romance. Katy’s boxed set, The English Brothers Boxed Set, Books #1-4, hit the USA Today bestseller list in 2015, and her Christmas story, Marrying Mr. English, appeared on the list a week later. In May 2016, Katy’s Blueberry Lane collection, The Winslow Brothers Boxed Set, Books #1-4, became a New York Times e-book bestseller.

Katy’s books are available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Her books soon will be available in German and Hebrew.

Katy lives in the relative wilds of northern Fairfield County, Connecticut, where her writing room looks out at the woods, and her husband, two children, two dogs, and one Blue Tonkinese cat create just enough cheerful chaos to remind her that the very best love stories begin at home.

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