Title: Possess
Series: Protect #3
Author: Olivia Ryann
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2019
This dark tale of obsession, beauty, and lust is by Wall
Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Bestseller Vivian Wood. She writes dark
romance as OLIVIA RYANN.

There is something blooming between my captor and I, hot and
wet and fragile.
Lust. Obsession. Maybe it’s even love.
But there are still secrets that stand between us, looming
large over whatever happiness we might find together.
Dangerous secrets. Things worth killing over.
If I reveal my secret to Dryas, he very well might die to
protect me.
The last thing I want is to confront those that hurt me
without him at my side.
But I might not get a choice, if Dryas has his way…
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Damn Olivia!!!! Girl you are killing me with these cliffhanger endings. This book is so intense! I just love it!!! Can’t wait till the next book comes out.

In the last book it ended with Rue falling off a cliff to her death. Sound familiar? It should since the same thing happened to Fiore`, Arsen’s girl. Except she was running from Arsen, when Rue was pushed. Rue is now taken hostage by some sick men, to be returned to Father Derrick.

Dryas is pissed. Rue ran away from him. He feels betrayed, especially after all they have shared and overcome together. He will find her and when he does she will be punished. She will wish he never found her.

This story just keeps getting more intense with each book. That Father Derrick is a sick bastard. And it seems he is only just beginning. He will ruin Rue and every little bit of life she has tried to create for herself. A sick twisted man, who will make your stomach curl. He won’t stop till he has her.

This big sick twisted game that Father Derrick and Dryas are playing will not end well. On top of that Dryas still has his brother’s death to deal with and the only way to do that is to connect with Damien. But will Damien seek revenge for their brother’s death? Oh how the web is spinning…

Overall this book is a fast paced adrenaline rush. It is packed full of action and suspense throughout. A highly addictive read, that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Let us not forget the hot sex between Dryas and Rue. Damn!!!! That man is hot. A intense, dark erotic story that will have you begging for more with it’s cliffhanger ending. But I have to tell you that you have to read the first two books first. This is not a standalone, nor is it a PG read. It has intense and disturbing scenes that will make your skin crawl. So if you don’t like it rough, then you better not pick this one up. Otherwise what the hell are you waiting for?

*ARC provided by Olivia Ryann

Author Bio
Olivia Ryann is the dark romance pen name of Wall Street
Journal, USA Today, and Amazon Top 20 Bestseller Vivian Wood. She loves poetic
phrases and bits of melodic memories. She adores dominant, hard men and soft,
fragile women with backbones made of steel. She wants to put them together as
often as possible, in unconventional ways.
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