Book Review| His Package


(Objects of Attraction #4)

by Penelope Bloom (Goodreads Author) 

4.14  ·   Rating details ·  2,065 ratings  ·  396 reviews


Normally, I was more of a cat person. As in, if I had to choose who lives, I’m going to take the cat nine times out of ten. It’s not that I particularly like cats, I just don’t particularly like most people. 

My neighbor wasn’t most people. He lived in the apartment across the hall, and he was your typical, buttoned-up, fancy shoes, smells like a Calvin Klein commercial, looks like he actually flosses kind of guy. I mean, seriously? Wasn’t flossing just made up by dentists so they could go on their little power trips once every six months? 

The point was, this guy very obviously had his life all put together. He was Mr. Perfect, and If you asked me, he needed to be brought down a few pegs to wallow with the rest of us. 

Cue his long, thick, package penetrating my tight little mailbox. 

I know. It’s absolutely sick. It was such an obvious ploy to hit on me. Forget the fact that the mail lady put it there, my neighbor and I both knew what kind of game he was playing. Oh yeah, we totally knew. It was on. It was in, if you would. 

I accidentally dropped a knife on the package a few times back in my apartment. It basically sprang open on its own, and I had no choice but to look inside. 

His dirty little secret was staring me right in the face. As it turned out, Mr. Perfect wasn’t so perfect. Who knew? 

Hint: I knew. And I was absolutely going to enjoy every second of what was coming.

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Bravo! Another excellent addition to the Objects of Attraction series. In this book we have two characters living in the same building. Lilith and Liam. These two neighbors barely tolerate each other.

Liam is a billionaire in hiding. He is hiding out from his step sister. His step sister who wants to sleep with him. And she will do anything to have him. Even ruin his life.

As the story begins, Lilith receives her neighbor Liam’s Package. This is which that sets these two on a path that nether of them expected. Friendship and even possible romance. With this new friendship and loyalty to one another, they begin operation take step sister down. But can they stop her before she tears them apart.

I love that this book continues with the original characters from previous books. So we get to see where life has taken some of our favorite characters. I love ❤️ seeing how they are doing.

Liam and Lilith’s story is a fun and highly entertaining adventure. Not to mention the chemistry between these two. Wow!! Ohh la la!!!

This book is a steady paced read full of fun snarky humor and lovable characters. The adventures are down right fun. The step sister is a twisted chick. You will see what I mean as you read the story. I mean seriously who does that.

I really am enjoying the series and can’t wait to see what is next. I can’t wait to see where are characters go from here.

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