A Grave Peril

(Bodies of Evidence #3)

by Wendy Roberts (Goodreads Author)

 4.00  ·   Rating details ·  25 ratings  ·  21 reviews

Sometimes at night, she can hear the dead calling.

Julie Hall’s job is to find bodies. For the sake of her sanity, she’s taking a much-needed break—but the dead don’t wait. With bodies piling up alongside her guilt, she knows she has to dive back in, despite pushback from her FBI boyfriend, Garrett Pierce. But Garrett is working a troubling case of his own and no longer seems like the man she fell in love with.

Despite his warnings—or maybe because of them—when Garrett goes missing, Julie has no choice but to use her skills to find where the cartel buries their victims…before he becomes part of the body count.

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Wow! This series is heating up. Julie Hall is still healing from her last brush of danger. She is starting to think it may be time to start taking in new cases. So she starts weeding through her emails and picking an easy one. A missing hiker. With Garrett out on a case she turns to Tracey to help her.

Even though her first case back went smoothly, doesn’t mean her life is back on track. She still has major trust issues and those issues are made worse as Garrett starts displaying some odd behavior. He is keeping secrets and Julie is not liking it one bit.

Things start to get worse when Garrett disappears and leaving behind cryptic messages. “Trust no one”. With no one to turn to she begins to worry and takes on her own investigation into his disappearance. Things start heating up and danger lurks around every corner. Will Julie find Garrett, before someone turns up dead?

This book really focuses on the relationship between Garrett and Julie. It dives deep into it and shows all the cracks. Some of these cracks start to break open and Julie doesn’t know if love will be enough for them. She shows her vulnerability more in this book. All the healing she has done is shown, but she still struggles with several things. Mainly TRUST. With everything that is going on with Garrett, the trust they have built is tested and on thin ice, full of several fissure cracks.

I really enjoy this series. Julie is a strong character. She has several issues and past horrors that make her the way she is, but yet she is stronger than most give her credit for. She doesn’t see this for herself, naturally. But her strength is there.

Wendy has created a unique story line with the Bodies of Evidence series. Her characters are strong and supportive. The cases are unique and full of twists to keep you guessing. I really love this series and can’t wait to see how our two lovebirds move past this.

If you love a bit of the unknown and unique paranormal with a twist of mystery and a dash of romance, then this series is for you. Please read them in order or you may not understand the characters without the back story. It is an excellent read and I guarantee you will enjoy it.

*ARC provided by Carina Press & Netgalley.

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About Wendy Roberts

Wendy Roberts

Wendy Roberts is an armchair sleuth, fan of all things mysterious but a huge chicken at heart. Her mind is often in a secretive, cloak and dagger world of intrigue while her physical presence is usually at home feeding feral cats and a demanding guinea pig. Wendy resides in Vancouver Canada where she happily writes about murder and is always at work on her next novel. 

You can find Wendy on the web on the following sites:

Instagram: @wendyroberts_author 

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