by Ellie Danes (Goodreads Author)
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Six months until my new life was going to start.
It was going to be amazing. Dramatic. Perfect.
But sh*t happens, and to me, it happened all at once.
You can’t make this stuff up or read it in a book.

Two bags, a one-way ticket and a promise to a dying woman.
I didn’t need anything or anyone else in my life.
I left it all behind. 
It was either sold, thrown away or abandoned.
Time to start over.
Then he showed up and decided to tag along.

I didn’t need a companion.
I certainly didn’t need a tour guide or chaperone,
But Gage Hawkins had a way of growing on me.
The way he looked at me, 
the way he wanted to take care of me,
And he seemed to have all of the answers, even before I asked the question.
But behind those stunning good looks is a secret… 

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*Photo credit Ellie Danes

Aspen is close with her grandmother. Her grandmother has been a strong influence in her life. She constantly talks of love and how she and Aspen’s grandfather found love in Key West. Reading through the journals of her life with Aspen has been their most favorite past times.

When Aspen’s heart is broken, the first person she wanted to talk to was her grandmother. Her grandmother tells her to reach for a journal of her life before she fell in love. She tells the story of how her heart had once been broken as well and that Aspen will find that love one day. She makes Aspen promise if anything happens to her that she will not settle. That she will live life and enjoy all it has to offer. She wants her ashes to be spread in Key West in the place she met her grandfather. Then for Aspen to live. Little to Aspen’s knowledge that time came too soon.

Aspen has sold the estate her grandmother left and packed up for her mission. Good things are coming her way as her trip begins. Along her way into her journey she meets a handsome man on the plane named Gage. He is friendly and helpful. When tragedy strikes again in Key West, Gage is there to rescue her. Gage helps Aspen on her mission to find the place where she is to spread the ashes. But what happens when that is accomplished? What will she do and where will she go?

This book was an amazing and sweet love story. A steady paced read full of emotion and wonder. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and fell in love with the characters. Aspen was sweet and very independent. She was very determined yet innocent in the ways that matter. She had a stubborn streak and backbone like you won’t believe.

Gage was not only handsome, friendly and sweet. He was sexy and in control. Even though his journey was not an easy one, he was still able to open up and let down his protective walls.

Together these two embark on an amazing journey.

Overall this book was a wonderful sweet love story. This is a steady paced read that flows nice and smooth. With sweet and amazing characters you are sure to fall in love. A story that will make you laugh and make you cry. So if you are looking for a feel good romance, then this book is perfect for you.

*ARC provided by Ellie Danes
*photo credit Ellie Danes

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