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Hot Pursuit

by Rebecca Freeborn (Goodreads Author)
 3.43  ·   Rating details ·  189 Ratings  ·  135 Reviews

Sarah Burrowes is left with a shattered heart and a huge mortgage after the love of her life abrubtly runs out on her.

An aspiring journalist, Sarah spends her days slaving away at a gossip magazine – far from her dream job.

Heartbroken and fed up, Sarah decides to take her career by the reins and lands herself the assignment of a lifetime in Europe. But there’s a catch – her boss pairs her with gorgeous but egocentric photographer, Nick, who just happens to be her ex’s best friend.

But when Sarah’s assignment takes a darker turn, she discovers there’s more to this story than meets the eye. Is she ready to risk everything to get the scoop?

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Sarah Burrowes is heart-broken, left behind by her boyfriend, with a mortgage she can’t afford.  Her dreams of being a journalist seem like a thing in the past and she spends her days working a column in a gossip magazine, that is going nowhere.  Her life is in ruins and she is lonely.  Till one night a chance meeting with a sexy stranger turns out to be the chance of a lifetime.

After a little white lie and begging Sarah gets that chance of a lifetime.  To bad her ex boyfriends bff Nick is assigned to be her photographer.  They had a one night stand that went bad and barely get along, now she has to spend her time working on this story together.  How will they not kill each other?

When the assignment turns a sinister corner Nick and Sarah find that getting along may just save their lives.

This book was full of twists and turns that will have you second guessing yourself over and over.  A well thought out plot full of comedy and suspense.  At times the plot was not written well, a bit choppy at times.  Even though I found some parts to be lagging, I still found it to be a very enjoyable read.  Nick and Sarah are wonderful characters that have amazing chemistry.  The ending leaves you hanging just a bit, but not like a cliff dive.  It leaves room to continue Sarah’s story further.  I would hope that Nick and Sarah continue together.

If you are looking for a steady paced read that will keep you guessing right up to the end, then this book is for you.  It has a thick and engaging plot, with fun and energetic characters.  Even though there were some slow spots in the story, it was still a fun and suspenseful read.

*ARC provided by Netgalley & Rebecca Freeborn

4 star
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