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Hearts on Fire

(A Lakewood Romance Book 3)

by Amber Thielman (Goodreads Author)
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Becoming the first female firefighter in the small town of Lakewood, Washington’s department should be something to be proud of, but Hallie Harper has never felt so rejected.
The men don’t want her there, and neither does anyone else.
Fortunately, Hallie has someone on her side: their captain, Tate Becker.
Handsome, kind, and charming, Hallie isn’t sure she’d make it there without Tate’s support.
As Hallie fights for acceptance into this testosterone-riddled, tight-knit crew—she finds that the only person she wants to be around anymore is Tate.
Too bad she’s engaged, and he’s dating another department’s jealous paramedic.
Just as she’s fitting in, the squad finds that a hidden arsonist is starting these fires…and it could be one of their very own.
Hallie is framed, and trust shatters.
Someone wants her gone.
Proving her innocence and getting her crew to trust her again means finding the real culprit, even if it kills her.
Fire isn’t the only thing heating up this department, and time is running out; possibly for all of them.

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Hallie Harper has beat the odds.  She has fought and worked her ass off to become the first woman firefighter in Lakewood, Washington.  It was no easy task, especially in a male dominate field.  She has been ridiculed, treated badly, and shunned by everyone.  Even her fiance` doesn’t support her and her parents quit talking to her.  But she will not let them or anyone stand in her way.

Tate Becker is the new fire chief of Lakewood Station House 1.  Taking over Chief Davis’s spot has him filling some pretty big shoes.  It will be a challenge.  To make matters worse is his crew does not want their new crew member.  They are against having a woman on the team.  And don’t that just make his life hell.

Hallie is determined to fit in and become one of the family or shall I say guys of her new crew.  It is hard and she almost gives up.  Then on an emergency call she risks her life to save one of their own.  Things suddenly start to fit in to place.  But when an arsonist starts setting fires, only one person is on the list to blame.  Can Tate and the crew prove her innocence or will she go down in flames?

OMG!  This book was freaking awesome.  I was hooked from the very first chapter.  This book is full of suspense, thrills, danger and love.  This firefighter story is unlike any I have read before.  Amber Thielman did an outstanding job writing this novel.  Not only were the characters engaging, they were intriguing and lovable.  Each character played a very important part in this story.

Overall this book was a steady paced read.  Never rushing through, Amber Thielman takes her time telling the tale of forbidden love, blackmail and the fight to belong.  You will be hooked from the beginning.  You will not want to put it down.  You will become invested and feel as if you are there with the characters.  Feeling their pain.  Their loss.  An action packed thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.  I know I was biting my nails anxious in what was to come.   So come on and join Tate and Hallie as they fight for their love and her freedom.

*ARC provided for Amber Thielman

5 star

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About Amber Thielman

Amber Thielman

Amber Thielman is an avid reader and writer of passionate, thrilling romance books with independently sassy heroines who always make their sexy heroes work for their affection. Don’t expect to find a book of hers that’s all sunshine and rainbows, because her characters are as real as any of us. There is always, of course, a HEA…so don’t run away yet. Amber writes swoony love stories with loveable characters based in the fictional town of Lakewood, Washington.

Despite her love for contemporary romance, Amber reads too much Stephen King and grew up devouring every Fear Street novel R.L. Stine ever wrote. When she’s not writing, Amber enjoys traveling, practicing the art of staying on her horse, binge-watching Netflix, and spending time with her husband and their adorable tiny human Aidyn in Southeast Idaho. She also has an undying love for pumpkin-flavored anything and boozy concoctions.

You can find Amber wasting her time on social media when she should be writing the pretty words. Join her, won’t you?

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