Book Review| Most Eligible Daddy


Most Eligible Daddy

A Single Dad Second Chance Holiday Romance

by Ashlee Price (Goodreads Author) 

4.35  ·   Rating details ·  214 ratings  ·  93 reviews

The first time was spur of the moment. The second time will be forever.

I never thought I’d fall for a girl in overalls and muddy boots until I met Quinn Hardy.
She’s the best thing that came with this run-down farm.
The loss of my wife left me empty and struggling to raise a daughter.
Years later, not even all my wealth can fill the void.

But with Quinn, I see everything I want in a woman.
Smart. S#xy. Strong. An amazing mother.
And her son? He sure reminds me of how I looked and acted as a kid.

I’ll show Quinn what a real man is like.
I’ll f#cken crush those greedy neighbors eyeing her land the way I stamp out those trying to mess with my company.
There’s a savage beast under this suit and the countryside is the perfect place to go wild.

I’ll protect Quinn with all I’ve got.
And I’ll destroy anyone and anything that gets in my way.

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*Photo credit Ashlee Price

Quinn Hardy loses her virginity on Halloween night to a stranger.  With no name or face she cannot confront him about her son.  The son who is now 9 and needs a father in his life.  

Eli Strauss comes to town to take over his father n law’s estate.  His wife died 5 years ago during the birth of his daughter.  The same daughter that his mother n law has raised since birth.  Not having a relationship with his daughter is biting him in the butt now.  She acts out and gets into trouble all the time.  It doesn’t help that Eli has no idea how to communicate with the child that reminds him of his late wife.  

Eli hires Quinn to teach his daughter.  But Quinn has conditions.  1) He must eat dinner with his daughter every night.  2) He must tuck her into bed.  3) She does not work for him, she works for her.  4) No treatment as if she is the staff.  Simple Rules right?!

As time goes on and they learn more about each other  Eli and Quinn’s relationship begins to form a strong bond.  But something is off…maybe a sense of déjà vu.  When Quinn’s family’s farm is threatened, Eli decides to step in to protect her.  Because of this turn of events, deep secrets are revealed.  Will their relationship survive?

Overall this book is a hot sexy read.  With explosive chemistry these two characters will ignite the pages.  It is a steady paced read full of action and hot romance.  This book will have your head spinning it has so many twists.  Definitely keeps things interesting.  This is one second chance romance that will have you begging for more.  So curl up on the couch and break out the wine, because your are in for a ride.  

*ARC provided by Ashlee Price.

*Photo credit Ashlee Price

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