• Do you love to read?  
  • Are you interested in connecting with authors?
  • Do you like giveaways?
  • Do you want free books?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have got news for you.  You can do all this and more at  And right now they are having a huge giveaway to draw in more people like you…..Readers!!  Because without readers authors would not survive.  AuthorsXP is looking for more readers to help out.  I am a member myself and I love it!  Now is the time to sign up.  Here is a bit about AuthorsXP:

About AuthorsXP

Hi. I’m Amy Vansant. That’s me drinking a bloody Mary on the left. Why? Because I was spending all my time testing out promotion sites, trying to find editors, trying to find cover artists, trying to think of new ways to promote my books… when I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITING. You’d want a bloody Mary, too.

My editing is probably wrong here. Is “Bloody Mary” capitalized?  Just the “Mary?” Grr.

But I have an editor now! Two actually. And it only took me a year to find them.

I created this site to help authors, particularly Indie authors, avoid all the pitfalls I had to slog through.  New authors will find a quick way to solve a lot of their marketing and production problems, and more experienced authors will band together and GROW with our Mailing List Building events and Read & Review programs.

Looking forward to working with all of you! Any any questions along the way, just email me at

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