41440390All the Right Moves

by Becca Taylor (Goodreads Author)
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A must read Romantic Comedy….

Being called the worst boyfriend can do a number on a man’s ego.
But I handled it the way any full-grown adult male would—by eating copious amounts of carbs and wallowing over whether I was good enough.
I admit, it wasn’t the best of moments, but it made me realize I needed answers to the question, what are women looking for inside and out of the bedroom?
After I researched the subject, I compiled my data into a solution.
Thirty days.
Thirty right moves.
But I needed to test out my newfound theories, and my best friend, Tenley, was going to help.
It was a foolproof plan.
We would date and act like a real couple, all in the name of research. And when the thirty days were up, we would go back to being just friends.
Piece of cake, right?
Only, I forgot to take into consideration the multiple outcomes. Specifically, the one where it left me wanting more and refusing to go back to what we were… ever

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review 2Preston thought he did everything right, but then his girlfriend of four years dumps him out of the blue he is stumped.  “You’re the worst boyfriend” screech….stop wait what?  “Did she just call me the worst boyfriend?”  Along with the out of the blue breakup she gives him a list of 30 reasons why he is the worst boyfriend.  Bruised ego right!?  Wow!  What do women really want?  In the bedroom and out?

44786342_826318154366983_2907784780282068992_nPreston decides that he is going on a mission to become the perfect boyfriend.  After extensive research he comes up with a 30 day plan.  Now he needs a test subject.  Hmmm…..Tenley!  Now all he has to do is get his best friend Tenley to say yes.

Tenley has been friends with Preston since they were young.  Preston’s current girlfriend Chanel #Hashtagqueen, hates her guts.  How can a guy and girl be best friends without hooking up?  #itsnotokay Well easy….one loves the other and the other is blind to it.  Simple.  Tenley has been in love with Preston forever, but she would never tell him that.  So what happens when Preston proposes the plan for her to be his test subject?  Rules???  Test Subject is to pretend to be the girl friend in all ways.  Including the bedroom.  OMG!  How is she going to hide her feelings?  But she can’t turn him down…can she? #askmetomorrow

This was a sweet friends to lovers romance.  Which I love.  Tenley and Preston are cute and have a wonderful chemistry with one another.  Chanel is a dirty snake in the grass though.  She must be watched closely.  😉

Overall this book is funny and cute.  A laugh out loud rom-com.  The characters are lovable and sweet.  This is a unique story plot in the friends to lovers romance genre.  It really catches your attention from the very beginning.  A page turner of fun that flows flawlessly.  So if you are looking for a fun and exciting romance, then this book is perfect for you.

*ARC provided by Becca Taylor

5 star



A Word From Becca

Every day is an adventure. Sometimes those adventures are ones you never knew you wanted to have.

My adventure started with a dream. The dream became a paragraph. The paragraph developed into chapters. The chapters formed a book.

It’s only the beginning.

*Photo and Becca message credit to Amazon Author Page

*Teasers credit Becca Taylor

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