In Light Of Shadows

41VttVWgfZLKilling Eva

(In Light of Shadows #3)

by Camellia Hart (Goodreads Author)

The sensual trilogy of Eva and Clive concludes in the hotly anticipated follow-up to Loving Eva…

It started as a crush. Then a kiss. Then fifteen years of separation, and the agony of not knowing where or how to find Eva, the only girl he’s ever loved.

And when she returns to him it’s like a dream come true. He’ll never let her go.

She’s his beginning. She’s his end. She’s his now, and his forever. Then how did he let it come to this? How did he lose Eva?

He’s got to find her. He’s got to bring Eva back… or go where she’s gone.




Chasing Eva (In Light of Shadows #1)
Loving Eva (In Light of Shadows #2)
Killing Eva (In Light of Shadows #3)
Our story continues as the danger heats up for Eva.  In this novel the threats against Eva are getting serious.  Clive feels like his world is upside down.  He has his own demons to deal with and the aftermath that he worries will make Eva leave forever.  Clive cannot, will not live without Eva.  He will not lose her again.
Eva’s business is in jeopardy.  She not only in fear of her life, but fear of the lives to those she loves as well.  When she is threatened with death, she seriously considers stepping down from the business to protect everyone.  But she must move forward and stay strong, but will her deepest fears be her downfall?
In this book Eva and Clive’s relationship evolves even more than before.  They cannot live without each other.  Craving each other.  Getting lost in each other.  Their bond unbreakable.  Their hearts are one.  They are addicted and it shows in the steamy scenes.  These two are such strong characters.  They are amazing.
“Her longing for him, her love for him was so real, her eyes stung from the emotions that tightened her chest, warming her, soothing her, exciting her about all that the future would hold for her and Clive.”
Overall this last book is just as good as the rest.  It ties up the end with a pretty big bow.  The love of the characters carries this story and the danger levels in this on are pretty high.  Man, the very beginning of this book will have you gasping with a WTH??  “No that can’t be right.  Right?”  It really grabs your attention.  About mid way through on this one you start to guess who the puppeteer is pulling all the strings.  You will be shocked.  I know I was when it was all revealed.
This is a action packed, steamy hot novel that will keep you turning those pages.  But don’t forget…you have to read Chasing Eva and Loving Eva first, or you won’t know what the hell is going on.  So if you love a good erotic, hot drama filled with danger suspense and plenty of twists to keep you guessing, then this is the book for you.
*ARC provided by Camellia Hart
5 star
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