In Light Of Shadows

31375113Chasing Eva

(In Light of Shadows #1)


Camellia Hart (Goodreads Author)
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When Eva and Clive meet in the office elevator fifteen years after they’ve seen each other last, their mutual attraction not dulled one bit, they’re tempted to explore their intense, undeniable, chemistry further.

But then Eva discovers that the sinfully gorgeous Clive is the powerful businessman who’s causing her company’s downfall. She’s determined to sway her newfound enemy to reconsider his betrayal. They’re not even halfway through that debate, when they’re drawn to each other with a force neither of them anticipates.

Having lived through her share of disloyal relationships Eva’s sworn off heartbreaker men. No way she’ll fall for this assertive, enigmatic playboy.

But Clive isn’t one to give up that easily, or at all for that matter. She doesn’t know, he’s been chasing Eva since their first kiss fifteen years ago.

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“I could show you how to kiss if that’s what you’re thinking about.” His voice was playful yet full of sexual intent.

chasing eva teaserWhen she didn’t react, his expression turned dark with demand “Kiss me, Eva.”

Spellbound, she rose onto her tiptoes and placed a light kiss to his lips. He groaned, yanked her to him, and closed his mouth over hers. She gasped and his tongue darted in, tangling with hers. His kiss rolled soft and smooth, with just the right amount of pressure that drove her hot with need. She wanted more of this. She wanted more of him.

She traced her fingers up his arms, to his shoulders and when she reached his hair, she weaved her fingers through the strands, tugged him lightly toward her, and kissed him back. He growled an incoherent word or two against her lips, cupped her face in his hands, and deepened their kiss. His tongue demandingly played with hers and hers played right back.

His hands wandered from her jaw, along her throat to the swells of her breasts and squeezed them gently. She moaned in approval and melted into his grasp. Heated arousal rushed between her legs. She let her hands slip to his shoulders, she needed to keep herself steady.

His hands moved farther down to her lower back, under her skirt and up toward her inner thighs. A quick charge of awareness bolted through and awakened her skin. Her hands slipped to his chest and found his heart raging under her palm, a testament to his aching hunger for her.

chasing eva teaser2As he began to knead the swells of soft flesh, her knees trembled and he tightened his hold on her curves, lifting her slightly off her feet. Her breath caught as his hard bulge pressed against her.

“Tell me you want me, Eva.” His words sent a heated wave through her.


They were in her kitchen, her friends were only steps away and could easily walk into their sexual rendezvous at any moment, but she just didn’t care.

Clive had set her free, from her apprehensions, from her past, from her future, and from all else that wasn’t this moment. And this moment was all she wanted now.

Yes. I so do.

His fingers traced the edge of her panties to the space between her legs. She gasped as he found her wet. A faint rumble of arrogant pleasure escaped him.

“You’ve been thinking about me…was I touching you like this?” His fingers slipped into her hot, swollen flesh. She stifled a moan, giddy from the onslaught of sensations as she finally gave in to the craving she’d carried since the first time she’d laid eyes on him.

He claimed her mouth again, devouring her with expert precision. She kissed him back as though she could eat him alive. Her toes curled in euphoria. Never before had she been kissed that way. Thoroughly. All consuming. Her body hummed, imagining his exquisite expertise in bed.

And then, “Clive…your phone’s buzzing,” Stan called out from the patio, his voice reeling them back to reality.

They pushed away from each other as though shocked by a live wire.

With ragged breaths, their gazes remained connected for several moments. After a long pause Clive ran his fingers through his hair and muttered, “I’ve got to get going.”


Loving Eva Teaser 2

review 2Eva Avery is now the owner of S&F Interior designs.  After her father’s passing, she was left to take over his company.  Not what she had in mind for her life, but how could she refuse her father.

Eva has just started giving dating a chance again.  After a her boyfriend was caught in the act over a year ago, Eva had sworn off men.  But she has decided to start dating again.  She is searching for Mr. Right.

Clive Stanford is the new owner of Stanford Enterprises.  Taking over the company was not in his plan, but his brother asked him to so he could pursue his wine business.  How could he say no.

Clive is a playboy who is not interested in settling down.  One day he has a sense of déjà vu when he runs into a beautiful woman in the elevator of his building.  So he sets out to uncover her identity.

When Clive discovers that Eva is the one that got away, he begins his quest to win her heart.  But then he discovers that someone is out to tear down Eva’s company.  He vows to protect her at all costs.  But what happens when Eva finds out the secrets he has kept?

I am totally addicted to this series.  I read this book in one day and started on book 2, Loving Eva.  This first book gives us the background and begins the relationship of Clive and Eva.  But the odds are definitely against them.

I love Clive and Eva.  These two characters have such a deep chemistry.  It is like they are part of one another.  They complete each other.  Not to mention that the sex they have is steamy hot off the charts.  Holy hell!!! That Clive is one hot sexy alpha male.  Mmmm Mmmm!  Eva is such a strong independent person.  She has a natural beauty about her and she is very caring, yet very vulnerable and insecure.  Which you will notice a lot in book 2.  Together their love will burn up the pages of this book.

This story has got a great who done it plot, that you will keep guessing about the whole book.   Guess what!  I am still trying to figure it out and I am almost done with book 2.   Camellia Hart is a genius at keeping her readers hooked.  The story flows so smoothly and has plenty of twists and steamy scenes to keep things interesting.  I can tell you that you will not get bored.  You will soak up every word written and still want more.  Not only is this book intense and thrilling, it has amazing and intriguing characters.  I got to stop writing or I might run book 2 into this review and give away too many secrets.  😉

So grab your copy of Chasing Eva today.  You will be glad you did.

*ARC provided by Camellia Hart

5 star


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