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Beau Maverick has a great life-a close family, a thriving veterinary practice, and the privilege of being a Maverick in Great Falls, Montana. Despite all that, he fights a feeling of hollowness. After the death of his beloved mother, he throws himself into her role of charitable and philanthropic duties in the community. He was least interested in being on the chair of the local symphony, but when the feisty new director comes to town, he finds the challenge brings with it a spark of life.

Grace Sutherland is devastated at the news that the Manchester Philharmonic in her hometown in New Hampshire has voted to relocate her to assist one of their lesser known symphonies in a small town in Montana. Her unconventional methods, while effective, were at odds with their traditions. However, she accepts the challenge and is determined to regain her standing and get out of Montana as quickly as possible. Unfortunately for her, the chair of her new board might make that difficult.




Grace Sutherland has been exiled.  Her symphony company has demoted her and sent her to fix the issues of another symphony in the company.  Her problem is it is in the small town of Great Falls, Montana, better know to her as nowhere USA.  She is determined to prove that her unconventional ways are successful.  She gives herself 6 months and she will be back home in charge once more.  But one thing stands to get in her way and that is the chairman of the board Beau Maverick.

Beau Maverick is one of the most eligible rich bachelors of the Mavericks.  He is also the town vet.  Everyone wants to be with him, yet he can’t find the right woman for him.  He is in  no hurry, but does find his life is missing something.  With the passing of Beau’s mother he stepped into her role on all the charity boards, that includes the symphony.  He rather be anywhere than serving on another boring board.  But when a beautiful bombshell director is dropped in his lap, things just became very interesting for him.

This is the second book in the Mavericks of Montana Creek series.  Even though this is book 2, this book can be read as a standalone.  Yes reading book one will introduce you to the Maverick boys with a bit of history, but I did not feel lost by not reading the first one.

This is also the first book by Somer Hayes that I have read.  I thoroughly enjoyed this romantic story.  It was fun and sweet with engaging characters.  The story had a wonderful and smooth flow to it.  Never once did I feel like the story was rushed to completion.  I loved the banter between Beau and Grace.  They had me laughing out loud on several moments.  Their hate turned love relationship is fun and energetic.  You are sure to fall in love.  I believe that this book could easily become a Hallmark Movie sensation.  I give it 5 stars of fun!

*ARC provided by Ardent Prose & Somer Hayes

5 star


Somer Hayes is an avid reader and writer of stories, hailing from the Midwest.


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