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piece.jpg39243609Ten years ago I loved a boy, Ethan Holloway, and he never knew. He was athletic, smart and dated the popular girl in our high school. I was the nobody, the rumored whore, the foster kid. Ten years ago I ran away from the system, from my life. I needed to start over; I needed a better shot at life.

Ten years later, I’ve returned home. I’m still the nobody, the whore and the unwanted. I tried to start over, but life doesn’t work that way. Ten years later, the boy I loved is now a man. Ethan is sexy as sin and this time around he notices me but the timing is wrong. I took something that didn’t belong to me and I pissed off the wrong men. My life is on the line, and I’m running out of time.

Despite my severe circumstances, he’s fighting for me and for us, but I’m broken. I’m the unwanted, the whore and a nobody but he doesn’t care. He wants me. Every bit of me. Piece by piece he’s stripping me bare until there is nothing left and I don’t know if I’ll survive him or the dangerous men.

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Do you like danger?  If yes, then this book will be up your alley.  This book has it all.  Thrills, chills, twists and most important love.

Jiselle left Toronto ten years ago and never looked back.  Now she is on the run. She stole something.  something that a really bad man wants back.  Why?  I will tell you.  Her dad is in trouble big time.  He owes a lot of money to a very bad man.  So she is back.

Ethan hasn’t seen Jiselle in ten years.  He was in love with her then and he still thinks about her now.  So imagine his surprise when he visits a table in his restaurant and Jiselle turns around.  Wow!  She is the same yet better.

Jiselle doesn’t want to let Ethan know the effect he has on her or the fact that she has loved him since high school.  She is on a mission.  Pay dads debt, grab him and run.  She is not sticking around, but Ethan won’t let it go.  He begs her to stay one more day for one date.  But when danger lurks in the shadows, Jiselle is suddenly running out of time.  Can Ethan save her?

This book was just wow!  Action packed from the start.  It has twists and turns that will have you going WTF!  A page turner to the fullest.  I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails.  This book flowed at a very smooth and steady pace.  It had a unique mix of characters, that grab your attention.  Ethan and Jiselle were an interesting couple with amazing chemistry that will give you butterflies.  But the danger increases the adrenaline you feel while reading this intense book.

If you like danger, bad guys and lost love then this book is for you.

*ARC provided by Aeris Lize

5 star

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