Your Echo
Katia Rose
(Sherbrooke Station, #2)
Publication date: September 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

How do you teach a rock star how to meditate?

The number one question on Stéphanie’s mind sounds like the start of a bad joke, and life would be a whole lot easier if she actually knew the punch line.

Her meditation coach job description said nothing about private lessons for the most infamous lead singer in Montreal, but somehow Stéphanie still finds herself sitting cross-legged on a yoga mat, right next to a pierced and tattooed music legend who’d rather be anywhere else.

Meditation classes are Ace’s final chance to convince his record label that the last bender he went on really was his last. The demons that have sent him to the bottom of countless bottles might not give a damn about ‘soothing rhythmic chanting,’ but it’s either this or game over for his career.

He’s not what she wants. She’s not what he’s looking for. Yet somewhere amidst all the incense fumes, the lines between student and teacher get blurred.

Even as their deep breathing exercises become nights filled with panting and gasps, Stéphanie can’t ignore the darkness that never quite leaves Ace’s eyes. It’s a darkness she knows far too well, and if she’s not careful, the cost of helping Ace find his way might just be losing herself.

Your Echo is part of the Sherbrooke Station Quartet, a series of steamy rock star standalones from author Katia Rose.

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And that’s how I end up singing ‘I’m On Fire’ in a Montreal KTV bar, stone cold sober, while people whip out their smart phones and I try not to think about all the places this video is going to end up. I just stare at Stéphanie from the raised platform that serves as a stage, watching her watch me as the rest of the crowd cheers. At first I’m only fucking around, adding an extra rasp to the words and playing up the sexuality in the lyrics to the point that it’s funny, but something changes the further I get into the song. The slow build of the synth—the tension that rises and rises but never quite breaks—catches up with me, and by the time I get to the long, wavering howls at the end, I can see Stéphanie’s chest heaving even harder than mine.

review 2In this second installment of the Sherbrooke Station series, the band is back from their European tour and still looking to sign a manager.   After Shayla was pushed out the band has struggled with Atlas records and are deeply regretting signing with them.  No one struggles more than the bands front man Ace.  He feels like he is losing himself and turns back to alcohol.  Missing meetings and practices, Ace has everyone on edge and the band in jeopardy of being dropped from the label.

Stéphanie has a dark past.  One that has haunted her for her entire life.  She turned to meditation years ago to deal with the darkness that threatens to take over.  Meditation has helped her so much, that she volunteers to teach others.  When her path crosses with a sexy, hot, dark and brooding rock star, she can’t help but wonder what his end game is.

When Ace and Stéphanie meet and their worlds crash together, they find there is more to their dark pasts than they realized.  Can the fragile relationship they have formed survive the darkness?  Will these two ever see the light?

Then-in my childhood-in the dawn 

Of a most stormy life-was drawn 

From every depth of good and ill 

The mystery which binds me still

I loved this book. After reading the first book, I was interested in seeing what Ace’s story was all about.  I have to say his story broke my heart.  I can’t imagine what he must have felt like growing up with no one to help with the pain and terror he suffered.

Stéphanie’s character has just as many flaws as Ace.   She suffered a traumatic experience when she was ten.  This experience shaped her whole life.  She acted out in many ways that painted her in a dark light.  With the help of mediation and teaching dance, she was able to turn her life around.  But did she really heal?

Together Stéphanie and Ace were perfect.  She melted into him and the sexual chemistry, even though dark was hot and off the charts good.  Ace describes her as a lantern in the story.  Soft and beautiful on the outside, hot and burning on the inside.

your echo teaser

Overall this book was amazing.  Katia Rose is building a wonderful world with her characters at Sherbrooke Station.  Each one unique in their own way, but easy to love.  Her books flow nice and smooth, from one to the next.  Never giving the readers the feeling they are missing something.  Her stories are drawing you in and you don’t even know it.  This one especially drew me in with its dark and kinky ways.  I felt this story down to my toes.  I really enjoyed the trip I took with Ace and Stéphanie.  I am sure you will too.

You don’t have to read the first book in order to enjoy this one, but I highly recommend it.  Otherwise the characters may be a bit hard to understand their stories.  So if you haven’t read book one, then I suggest you do now.

*ARC provided by Katia Rose.

5 star

Author Bio:

Katia Rose is not much of a Pina Colada person, but she does like getting caught in the rain. She prefers her romance served steamy with a side of smart, and is a sucker for quirky characters. A habit of jetting off to distant countries means she’s rarely in one place for very long, but she calls the frigid northland that is Canada home.

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