39094671Graves of Wrath

(City of Bones #1)


Lina Gardiner (Goodreads Author)
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When Jess Vandermire, Captain of New York City’s Vampire Hunting team, learns that her brother, Regent, has been sent to Paris for three months by the Vatican, she’s devastated. Regent’s been too involved with vampires as a priest to go to Paris without fearing vampire retribution. He’ll need backup. Lucky for him, Jess and her partner, John Brittain, have some vacation time coming.

Once Jess and Britt arrive, they know something’s not right in the city. Women are being murdered, and the vampire population is on the edge of revolt. But worst of all, the City of Lights is home to a lot of shadows, ones that move—and kill—of their own accord. But Jess’s existence is rocked to the core when Regent comes across a life-changing, long lost family secret.

It’s starting to look like there’ll be no rest for the wicked.

City of Bones—some secrets don’t stay buried . . .

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Jess Vandermire is on a mission.  That is to protect her brother.  So when Regent is sent to Paris on a three-month assignment, she can’t help but follow him.  You better believe that where Jess goes, Britt is sure to follow.

Jess and Britt are glad they followed Regent to Paris, because things are not as the seem and they quickly learn that danger is lurking in the city.  Regent is tired looking and seems a bit off, the church is keeping big secrets, they run into another vampire who could be Jess’s twin and dangerous shadows are lurking everywhere.  Can the trio figure out what is happening before it is too late?

This is the first book in the series City of Bones.  This is a spin-off  from the Jess Vandermire series by Lina Gardiner.  Considering I have not read the original series, this first book felt like it was missing pieces of the puzzle.  At first I could not figure out that Jess indeed was a vampire, or why her brother was reverted to his youth.  I was a bit lost and confused at first.  Still feel as if I am missing chunks of the characters back grounds.

Overall the book was pretty good, with tons of action and mystery to keep you on the edge of your seat.  The story plot line was unique, even though the story felt a bit jumpy at times.  The characters are exciting, but I felt like we were missing too much of their backstories.  The book ended nicely, but there were things that went unresolved.  Leaving the reader wondering ?? well what was that all about ??  Maybe these things will be revealed in the next books.  We will have to wait and see.

If you love paranormal reads, then you may want to check this book out.  But my suggestion is read the original series first.  Maybe that will fill in the gaps of this book.

4 star

About Lina Gardiner

Lina Gardiner, author of the award winning Jess Vandermire Vampire Hunter Series has writing in her blood. Living in New Brunswick, Canada, a hotspot for legendary ghosts and tall tales of odd happenings has probably added to her love of a good mystery. That, and the stories her grandfather told in the “parlor” when their grandmother wasn’t paying attention, added to her love of storytelling, and the wonders of imagination.

Winner of the Prism Award, Best First Book, from FF&P (Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal Chapter of RWA).

Nominee for the Romantic Times Reviewer’s Choice Best Book Awards.
Nominee for the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers’ Choice Awards.

Her books have been well received by such reviewers as Kirkus Reviews and USA Today’s HEA blog, including a 4.5-star rating from RT Book Reviews.

*Author pic and info credit to Amazon Author Page

Jess Vandermire Series

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