Hump Day


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What Day Is It?  HUMP DAY!!!!!

That’s right you crazy blogging peeps!  How’s it going?  How are we all surviving this week so far?  Ready for the long weekend.  Labor Day in the States is quickly approaching and most of us have that day off from work.   Anyone have plans?  Cookouts?  Me?  I am traveling to Reidsville, North Carolina to visit my mom and that side of my family.

I know I have slacked off a bit with my Hump Day posts.  I have been so busy that life just kind of got in the way.  I promise to try and do a better job.

Let’s talk hot reads!!!  What are you reading?  Anything hot and steamy?  Me?  I am reading The Boss by Abigal Owen.  It is a hot sexy paranormal read about dragon shifters.  It is pretty good too!   So this week we will focus on hot paranormal reads.  Maybe I will throw in a hot actor who has played a part in a paranormal movie or tv show.  Let’s get to it shall we.





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Twitter  Underworld: Blood Wars Theo James Poster

alexgq0611x.jpg 712×938 pixels  Alexander Skarsgard: Eric Northman, True Blood

Joseph Morgan aka Klaus  


Joe Mangianello - Wolf pack leader (totally typecast from his role as Alcide in TrueBlood)  Joe Manganiello @ejoverly black shirts make everything better lol                                                                                                                                                     More

Jason Momoa photographed by Cybelle Malinowski for American Way (2017) Jason Momoa, "Wolves". My inner movie critic HATED this show but I would literally watch it thousands of times for the way he looks.... DAMN.


Ryan Kwanten...One reason why I can't wait for True Blood to come back   True Blood - Jason Stackhouse


*As always these hot delicious men do not belong to me, but credit to all you crazy Pintrest Pinners out there!


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