41029248HOMEWARD: The Mountain Man’s Babies Book 8

Frankie Love (Goodreads Author)
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Idaho is the last place a man like me would ever expect to find the woman of his dreams.
But there she is, running a Bed & Breakfast, with her heart-shaped face and magnetic smile.
And she has no idea who I am.
Just like me, there is more to Laila than meets the eye—this girl has been broken more times than she can count. She’s lost all faith in a man ever helping her piece together her shattered dreams.
But she’s never met a mountain man like me.
The distance between her heart and mine may seem wide, but I refuse to give up because she deserves happiness more than any woman I’ve ever known.
I may be stuck in the middle of nowhere, but in her arms, I feel like I’ve come home.
Dear Reader,HOMEWARD features hidden identities, secret babies, and a few stalkers who aren’t going to stop until they take what they want. Don’t worry, no one is gonna mess with the babies on Miracle Mountain, I can guarantee you that! This story is steamy, sweet, and sure to make you want to fall into the arms of the closest bearded-hottie.xo, frankie

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In this story Laila is co-owner of a B & B in the so called Miracle Mountain.  They say once you come to Miracle Mountain, you never leave.  Well that certainly seems true.

Laila  has been dealt a tough life and the B & B is her escape.  Her fresh start.  Afraid of men she has chosen to put her efforts into the B & B with her bestie and savior Virginia.  But all that changes the night that Cole Mills shows up at the B & B.  Instant attraction between Laila and Cole has them hot and heavy.  She never knew that it could be like that.  But Laila finds he has not been truthful about who he is.  Who is this stranger?

I really like Frankie’s books, but I did not like how this one started off.  I loved the book story line and all, but the beginning felt hurried, missing the build up.  Once I got past the first couple chapters I began to enjoy the story a bit more.  Frankie Love is known for her wonderfully hot insta-love stories and this one is no different.

These characters are so hot, they burn up those pages.  I liked the edginess of the story and how it had a bit danger mixed in it.  It made for an interesting and exciting read.  With it being book 8 in the series, you would think you would feel a bit lost.  But that is not the case at all.  I am sure it would be wonderful to learn more about the previous characters love stories, but it is not necessary.  This story could be read as a standalone.

If you are looking for a quick read with some hot steamy action, then this book is right up your alley.  Instant Love at it’s best, Frankie has brought together another two lost souls for an ending of happiness.

*ARC provided by Frankie Love

4 star

Frankie Love

Frankie Love writes sexy stories about bad boys and mountain men. As a thirty-something mom to six who is ridiculously in love with her own bearded hottie, she believes in love-at-first-sight and happily-ever-afters. She also believes in the power of a quickie.

❤️ Get ready to fall in love … you deserve it! ❤️

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