38311150Undercover Princess

(Castles of Dallas #1)


Lenora Worth (Goodreads Author)
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Undercover Princess …. a modern day fairy tale

Born to an Italian father and native Texas mother, Nico Lamon returns to Texas to launch an exclusive deal with the iconic Castle Department Store. Guilty for not being there when his father died, Nico has brought the House of Lamon back from the brink of bankruptcy. He devises a marketing gimmick that will benefit both the Castles and the House of Lamon: find the perfect woman to be the fashion line’s spokesperson and to wear the gorgeous Valentine shoes he personally designed. When he spots Eleanor in the crowd, he won’t stop until she’s that woman. His woman.

Eleanor Castle returns to Castle Department Store undercover as head of security, but she’s really back to reclaim her heritage and save both the store and her aging father. Eleanor has a plan to stop her evil stepmother from her devious doings and she won’t stop until she knows her face is safe. But when Nico spots her at a gala and decides she’s the one who should wear the shoes and that she’s also the one he wants in his life, Eleanor has to reevaluate her undercover plan. Nico slips a red shoe on her foot and captures her heart. How can she fall for a prince of a man without exposing herself and her bruised heart?

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In this first book of the Castles of Dallas series Eleanor Castle is the lost princess of Castles Department stores.  She ran away from her evil step mother and the legacy years ago.  But she is back now to reclaim what is rightfully hers and to right all the wrongs in her life.  What she does not expect is to run into the boy who stole her heart with one look from afar when she was just a teen.

Nico Lamon has returned to Castles to try and save his father’s legacy, Lamon Fashions from the brink of bankruptcy.  He has made a deal with the company to push his new spring collection and boost sales, all starting with finding the right spokes woman at the Castles 100th anniversary ball.  “If the shoe fits…”  is exactly what happened when a mysterious woman in red showed at the ball and fit perfectly as the Lamon Lady and “his one“.  But she disappears and now he is left with nothing but an empty heart and a pair of Lamon Valentine shoes.  Can Lamon find his woman in red?

Wow!  What a feel good romance!  A modern-day Cinderella story.  I absolutely adored and loved this book.  It is a great start to the Castles Of Dallas series.  Not only was this a beautiful story, but the characters were wonderful.  I fell in love with them and I am so glad it is a series, because I want more of them.

This book would make a wonderful Hallmark movie.  It is sweet and will give you butterflies in your tummy.  The story plot was interesting and had an air of mystery to it.  I love the Cinderella vibe it has and was entertained throughout the book.  The characters were amazing.  Eleanor was so sweet and caring with a heart of gold.  Nico was a strong character who had determination and integrity.  He was sweet and loving.  Lenora Worth has created a wonderful and amazing world of romance with the book and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for her characters.

So if you are looking for a feel good romance and love Hallmark movies, then this book is perfect for you.  So pick it up today and read it.  I promise you will feel the love and enjoy every minute of it.

5 star


About Lenora Worth

Lenora Worth writes fiction for Harlequin’s Love Inspired and sweet romance for Tule Publishing. She also helped launch the Rodeo Knights Western Romance imprint. Her LIS Body of Evidence made the NY Times Bestseller list in Mass Market Paperbacks and she is also a USA Today and Publishers Weekly Bestselling author. Bayou Sweetheart was nominated for an RT Reviewers Choice Award. Three of her books have been nominated for the ACFW Carol Award. Lenora has written over 70 books and has an estimated 3 million books in print. She loves cheesecake, shoe shopping, walking on the beach and reading.




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