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Good morning my blogging peeps.  Guess what day it is?  HUMP DAY!!!!!   That’s right!  It is that mid day of the week and we are that much closer to the weekend!  Speaking of weekends… How was everyone’s weekend last week?  Mine was fabulous.  I went kayaking with my nephew, for a last getaway before he goes back to college.  My husband and father n law tagged along as well.  We had a blast, even though we had a couple mishaps.  My father n law’s kayak crashed into mine and we both went over.  I lost my camera 😦  But hey there are some fish taking selfies at the bottom of the river.  bahaha!

So this weekend I am tiling my bathroom.  Ugghhhh!!!!  Such hard work.  I will be so glad when this project is over.  I will post pics of our work later when we are finished.  This project started in like February.  But the finish line is close.  😉

Here are some pics of our kayaking adventures:

So let us not delay the sexy book deals this week….I might even throw in a sexy man at the end 😉






Now for the best part 😉

Hot Male Rowers  Hot spring action by shaunwhite

'Row Row Row Your Boat' Chris Pratt! #handsome #hot #sexy #celebrity #hunk  

Wow, I think I can see every muscle in his arms and back.

Foi-se o tempo em que a roupa que usávamos na academia era aquela velhinha e mais surrada, com o crescimento pela procura de atividades físicas e a preocupação com a saúde e c Ryan Reynolds

*As always all hot men belong to all those crazy Pintrest Pinners out there and in no way belong to me.  Such a shame!!!!!  😉


Happy Hump Day

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