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Crossing the LineCrossing the Line – Nikki Rose

Book Blurb

He’s a killer able to reach even the most untouchable marks and she’s his new obsession. Watching from his balcony, Hunter can’t fight the force pulling him toward the girl who just moved in across the street. The sexy little brunette bouncing around her apartment unpacking boxes has him searching for a way to get closer. He never expected to be watching from the shadows as the police take her away. If he wants a chance with her, he has no choice but to follow.

All Addy wanted was a new beginning and a chance at a normal life after leaving her cheating ex. She never expected her new start to include witnessing a brutal crime and being forced to relocate while the police searched for the killer. Finding herself waiting tables alone in a new town isn’t exactly the start she was hoping for until the handsome stranger at table four turns her world upside down.

Crossing the Line is a standalone Romantic Suspense / Mystery novel with a guaranteed HEA and no cliffhangers.

Contains violent scenes and sexual situations. Mature readers only. Adults 18+


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My Review


Oh my, this book was not what I was expecting at all.  Totally twisted and I loved it!  This story was so thrilling and exciting.  I was turning pages till I could not turn anymore and I still wanted more.

All Addy wants is a new fresh start in life.  After her ex cheated on her she moved to the city to do just that.  But then one night she ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Now she is on the run from a killer.  Little does she know that this killer will want more than her death, he wants her soul.

I went into this story thinking that this was your common story of serial killer stalking his next victim and falling in love and wanting to consume her.  Man, I was totally off base.  This book had such an amazing twist that it threw me for a complete loop.  Wow!  I just have to say if you want a book that is an edge of the seat good, with plenty of thrills and chills and WTF! moments, then this book is it.  Not only was the story line unique and new, it had amazing characters that not only entertain but grasp you and hold you hostage throughout the book.  Page after page, you can’t put it down.  You have to know what is happening next.  There was one moment when I took a deep breath and thought I was going to have a heart attack from the shock of the scene.  Intense read.  Loved every minute of it.  It was full of cloak and dagger espionage stuff.  Some Mission Impossible stuff.  I highly recommend this book for those who are thrill seekers.  You will not be disappointed.  I know I was not.


Crossing the Line Full Cover (for online display)

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About Nikki Rose

For as long as she can remember, Nikki Rose has enjoyed writing stories. For years, writing was just a hobby for this South Carolina native. It was a way to let out all the stories floating around in her head. After one of those stories took on a mind of its own, outgrowing even the parameters of a single book, Rose knew she had to pursue her dream.

Married to her high school sweetheart and best friend, Rose feels she is truly living out a romance story of her very own. As a stay at home mom of two, she is blessed with the time needed to work on her writing career full-time while her kids are at school or in the wee hours while normal people sleep. She considers herself a music obsessed chocoholic and hopeless romantic who enjoys weaving romance stories with a healthy dose of mystery and suspense.

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