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Bad Blood

by E.A. Owen (Goodreads Author)

Mary calls her life a nightmare, but the pain has only begun… And Mary will not be the only victim. Mary was born into an idyllic family, her mother and father a storybook couple, but her parents were killed by a drunk driver when she was 12. She grows up to marry a man who betrays her, and her teen daughter, victimized by a family friend, gives birth to twins.

And that is only the beginning of an entire family’s descent into a series of catastrophes that amount to more than can be blamed on just the ill-winds of fate, including the greatest sin imaginable, committed unwittingly and born of nothing less than true love.

Mary wonders how life can be so cruel early in the story, but when she is old she discovers both the complexity of the web of which she is a part and the terrible truth. The many characters relationships are revealed as fate brings the survivors together, some bound by blood and love and all of them bound by a curse.

This is a tale that will horrify you and pull at your heartstrings by turns. The main characters suffer in the extreme for reasons beyond their control, but they never fail to love one another.

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bad blood

My Review

Mary has had a hard life.  She has experienced many difficult times in her life.  But she has held strong.  Every time life throws something at her she bounces back.  She has experienced great loss and pain.  The tale will come full circle bringing all characters involved back to each other as they are all bound by the same curse.

So when I first started reading this book I had a hard time getting into the story.  The very beginning of the story seemed a bit flat.  It started out with the character as an adult and sort of flashed back to give her whole life story in very descriptive detail.  But as the story went on and moved forward it started to pick up pace and reveal the actual plot.

This book is a very deep and twisted tale of a family and it’s curse.  The curse has a voodoo vibe to it.  The characters are well written and developed.  This book is not told by one main character point of view, but is told from several different characters.  Though the book is a bit more descriptive than I like, it was a good story.  The twist to the story is easy to figure out about midway  through.  And boy is it a train wreck.  Wow!  I don’t know how I would have handled that situation had it happened to me.  This story is sure to shock you as it has me.

If you are into deep family secrets and voodoo curses, then this book is right up your ally.  You are sure to enjoy it.

*ARC provided by E A Owen.

4 star




My name is Elizabeth Owen. I am the oldest of seven children, all girls, I know, crazy right?! I spent most my life on the East Coast but moved out to the Midwest less than five years ago with my two beautiful children, Brooklynn and Phoenix. I met my absolutely amazing boyfriend Shane out here. We have been together for almost two years now. I have moved twenty-six times in my lifetime, I know that’s a lot! I currently live in the very small rural town of Astoria, South Dakota with a population of 127 people. We basically live in the middle of nowhere, which is actually quite nice. Everyone always asks why I moved here and did I just throw a dart at a map and say yep that’s where we’re moving. But after doing some online research found that this part of the country is a great place to raise a family with low crime. Besides, its very quiet and peaceful. I love it out here in the Midwest but it was definitely a culture shock at first. The only downfall is the brutally cold winters, and I will never get used to how windy it is here, hardly ever a calm day.

I am thirty-six years old, and just self published my first book May 1, 2018. I work part-time in the office at a grain & feed elevator and write in my spare time. My passions in life are writing, traveling and cooking. This is just the beginning of my writing career and hope to publish many more books.

After 2-1/2 years of hard work, my book is finally published! I never knew how hard it would be!!! It has definitely been an emotional roller coaster ride of a lifetime. One extreme to another, there is no in between, I’m either super excited or extremely stressed and depressed. The time, effort, dedication, money, sweat & tears, I have put into my book has been draining. But it’s done, it’s published & out there for the world to read. I want to thank all my family, friends & co-workers for supporting me, especially my boyfriend, Shane Christensen & my children, Brooklynn & Phoenix! They are my biggest cheerleaders and have been here every step of the way, encouraging me and for believing in me through all my crazy emotions! I don’t know what I would do without you! I love you & can’t thank you enough ❤ ❤ ❤

*Author info and picture credit to author’s Amazon page.



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