Hello fellow blogging community.  How is everyone doing?  Me?  Well…. Let’s just say I am good for now.  I have been extremely busy.  This has made me really slacking in my blog department.  Especially Wednesdays.  That’s right.  I have been a bad girl.  I haven’t posted a Hump Day post in like forever.  So what happens to naughty girls.  Well they get hot ass books thrown at them.  😉  And maybe a man or too!  So let’s see what punishment is awaiting for me…….

Check out these hot reads:

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Just a sample of Hump Day Madness here at Moohnshine’s Corner.


Pintrest Hot Cops 

♔//Like it?then pin itand follow for more @heartofasavage  I would misbehave intentionally if he were doing the arresting! Uniform In Car

Conner Brandburn inspiration (Sgt. Sexy)  

Or Maybe My Kitten Is Stuck “In A Tree”  hee hee

And I need a Fireman to rescue kitty…um um my Cat in tree.

  Sexy fireman 

Los bomberos más guapos y sexis

*Remember all hot guys are from Pintrest and sadly do not belong to me.  smh..


All this hotness brought to you by:




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