sock mate36578518Sock Mate Theory

(Sock Mate Series #1)

by Naomi Griffin (Goodreads Author)

‘… she closed her eyes, unsure if it was a hallucination or a rogue item of laundry…”

What happens when a stubborn optimist meets a committed pessimist?

Childcare worker, Charlie Winter, thinks her quiet life is fine—she has a job, a flat and her cat Colin. But she can admit lately she’s been feeling there’s room for something more. When her parents and sister die suddenly, her upbeat outlook is threatened.

In a desperate attempt to rebuild her life, she takes a trip to the other side of the world to visit a childhood friend. This connection sends her positivity into overdrive. While she starts a rushed and reckless quest to find her perfect match, she also tries to win the friendship of her perfect opposite—a committed pessimist who just wants to be left alone.

Starting over in a new city, Charlie’s fine again now, she’s keeping it together, despite still having visions of a talking sock…

**The first in the Sock Mate Series**

#2 The Purpose of Socks – coming in 2018
#3 Casual Socks – release date TBA

If you enjoy an off-beat, funny, contemporary story with smart, feisty, relatable characters and just a touch of romance, check out Sock Mate Theory now.

Naomi Griffin lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, daughter, chickens, and a prototype of Gus. She likes sleep, hot water, books, and Google, in that order.

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The Story Continues In Book 2

My Review

Wow.  This was an interesting and emotional read.  A story of a woman named Charlie and her journey after a fire takes her whole family from her.  In her journey Charlie learns to make friends, let others help her and how to love, all at the advice of a sock puppet.  A very interesting theory.  I enjoyed the unique and odd element of the sock puppet and his words of wisdom.  This story was a touching read and very relatable.  It touches on sensitive subjects, such as low self-esteem and dealing with grief.  These are just some of the issues that Charlie deals with.  With the help of her pen pale Lisa and oddly enough the disgruntled Jazzie, Charlie learns what it means to let people in and heal what is broken in her.

I highly recommend this read to anyone who is just a bit down on themselves.  It is has a very uplifting effect on you and makes you stop to think.  Can I let someone in?  Can I be a better me?  Read Charlie’s journey and see for yourself.  Anything is possible, with allowing people in to help.  I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did.

5 star

Naomi Griffin

Naomi Griffin lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband, daughter, and a prototype of Gus. She likes sleep, hot water, books, and the internet—in that order.

For more, get in touch through her website



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