wolf prize banner51yUnT9eJHL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Hinterland Series Book 4:

The Wolf’s Prize

(Volume 4)

Continuation. Book 4 of 4 of the Hinterland series.

Raleigh Douglas and Knox Bishop come to the watershed crossroads in their epic battle against wicked forces bent on turning all Hinterland into an evil wasteland. The demonic cabal hunting the Elixir of Life lies exposed at last, but it’s not the enemy Raleigh and Bishop thought they would find. Do they dare face this last act in the ultimate quest for justice and peace? Raleigh comes full circle to confront the skeletons lurking in her personal closet, but she won’t fight this battle alone. At last, she’s got Bishop at her side and they can marshal all their knowledge and power to tackle this hidden enemy. When all is said and done, they will stand or fall together. When all the other safeties and supports crumble, they’ll go down fighting together. They’ll either face a new dawn of peace and promise or die fighting for it.

This is the final full length 65,000 + word book to the series Hinterland. This series contains violence, action, and mature situations: 18+

Read the Hinterland series in order!

Book 1: The Wolf’s Bounty

Book 2: The Wolf’s Quarry

Book 3: The Wolf’s Hunt

Book 4: The Wolf’s Prize

My ReviewWell!  The Hinterland series has come to a close with this last installment The Wolf’s Prize.  And I just have to say this did not end the way I thought it would.  I was a bit disappointed, but we can’t all have our way now can we.

Before we begin this review let me warn you now.  If you have not read any of the series then this will have some small spoilers from the previous books, so STOP! don’t read any further.  With that out the way let’s begin….

Angela has been taken prisoner and Dax is now passed on after the huge battle saving Raleigh and Bishop’s lives.  Things have come to light about the tween and Raleigh is tired.  So tired.  She is so ready to just walk away, but can she leave Bishop?

I have to tell you these books are unique.  The story line and world building is unlike anything I have read in the paranormal realm.  K.T. Harding has an amazing gift of imagination that she has brought to life in this series.  You never know what to expect.

An action packed adventure from the very beginning.  You must read all the books in order to even grasp what is going on.   It is a story unlike any other out there and it grabs you and takes you for a ride.  I am telling you, there are times when you will cry and times when you will go huh, well ain’t that something.  There are so many unique characters that they make Hinterland seem like an Avatar world.  Hidden and full of wonder.

Now let me touch on the ending.  It is not bad by any means, but it is not the ending I was hoping for.  It sadden me a bit and I was upset about how things ended with Bishop.  I really enjoyed Bishop’s character.  He is an odd person full of quirks and weirdness.  Yet he is strong, protective and he loves Raleigh fiercely.  His character kept me on my toes for sure.    I never knew if he would die or live and sometimes it was very nerve wrecking.

Overall this was the most amazing series, with a wonderful unique world that I fully enjoyed reading and getting to know the characters and the struggles.  Sad to see it end.    If you are looking for a unique and amazing adventure then the Hinterland world  invites you in and welcomes you to enjoy all it has to offer.  Trust me, you will not regret it.

*ARC provided by KT Harding

5 star

K.T Harding

The worlds K.T. Harding creates have been described as “bizarre”, “a rabbit hole of fantasy and adventure”, and “uniquely unconventional”.
Her books are a bit lengthy, so she has to break them down into a series or installments.

If you are open to steamy new Shifter experiences, dive right in! 🙂

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