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Her Debt

(Lock and Key Series Book 1)

My entire world changed the second that I saw her in my casino.

She’s a professional gambler. And a cheat. A damn good one… but not good enough. And now she owes a debt to me. A debt that only her body can repay.

I’m restless with lust and need and desire for this thing of beauty not in my possession. My mind and cock are obsessed with her.

When I spank her for the first time, I know that I’m right.
She is the one.

The woman that I’m going to break. The woman that I’m going to train for only my particular tastes. I’m going to shatter her into a million pieces and then rebuild her into everything that I want and need and desire in…

My next submissive.


His Deal

(Lock and Key Series Book 2)

Nothing in my life is the same. She has changed everything, simultaneously turning my world upside down while making it right for the first time ever.

I break this woman a little more each day—and she lets me. It’s all part of our deal. But every pleasure that she gives to me brings her closer to freedom. Closer to paying her debt in full. And I’m not ready to let her go.

Ruthless. That’s what she calls me. It’s true. I am a man who will do whatever it takes to get what I want.

And what I want is her.

I could go back on our deal. Force her to stay, risk her hating me forever. Or I could let her go because for once in my life I care about someone else’s happiness more than I do my own.

She is my joy.
She is my pain.
She is my submissive.


Their Destiny

(Lock and Key Series Book 3)

This woman is my obsession, and my world is falling apart without her in it.

I thought I was going to shatter her into a million pieces and then build her into everything that I wanted and needed and desired in a submissive. And I did.

But somewhere along the way, she shattered me as well… and she’s the only one who has the power to put me back together. But that’s an impossible task when she isn’t here.

Her freedom has been earned, her debt paid in full. She’s out of my bed and out of my life. But what she doesn’t know is that she’ll never be out of my heart.

She is my life.
She is my love.
She is my everything.


My Review


Wow.  Mr Grey look out!  You got some competition in the Dom business.

Emma Lia is a professional gambler who has caught the attention of Tristan Broussard, rich casino owner, better known as Master.  In a plot to make her his next submissive, he let’s her cheat in casino till she has taken about $100k.  Once she won her $100K Tristan steps in for the capture.  Now Emma Lia has a choice, jail or become Tristan’s submissive to work off her debt, one key at a time.

Tristan is a sadist.  The things he does to get what he wants is down right crazy.  No one tells him no.  NO ONE!  He gets what he wants by any means necessary and what he wants is Emma Lia.  He is a sexy hot alpha male with a dark and kinky side.  He has to have control in all things and he expects her obedience.

Emma Lia is a strong character whom is very independent.  She has a tough time with the whole dom-sub relationship.  She doesn’t want to give up control and fears what dark and painful things that Tristan wants to do to her.

This series captured my attention.  I really enjoyed the Fifty Shades series and thought what the hell, I should read these too.  I am glad that I did.  I really enjoyed the books and the interesting characters.  The books flowed smoothly from one to the next, picking right up where the last left off.  An interesting dark tale of love, passion and desire.  I hope that the author explores Easton and Avery at some point.  We shall see.  Fingers Crossed  

So if you are a Fifty Shades fan, then this series is for you.  A deep story of giving control and falling in love.

5 star



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