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cocky surgeon banner.jpg39906128Cocky Heart Surgeon:

Caden Cocker

(Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Series Book 18)

Faleena Hopkins(Goodreads Author)
BRAND NEW RELEASE in Cocker Brothers, The Cocky® Series —
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Rules? Caden doesn’t like rules.Especially when they come between him and ambition.

He doesn’t get by on his gorgeous looks either.

Which drives his female attending resident doctor up the wall.

She may be the one who dictates his fate.

But he’s the one who haunts her thoughts.

Keeping things platonic, professional, is what being a female boss is about.

Isn’t it? Can’t she make Caden Cocker an exception?

Please with a forbidden cherry on top?

Grab this oh-so-hot doctor romance now!

Cocky Heart Surgeon can be read as a standalone contemporary romance novel.
It’s Book 18 in Cocker Brothers®, The Cocky® Romance Series by Faleena Hopkins — filled with laugh-out-loud humor, heavy steam, deeply emotional storylines, family loyalty, sexual situations and oh-my-gosh dirty talk.

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Cocky® Series Order:
The Six Brothers
1. Cocky Roomie – JAKE
2. Cocky Biker – JETT
3. Cocky Cowboy – JAXSON
4. Cocky Romantic – JASON
5. Cocky Senator – JUSTIN
6. Cocky Soldier – JEREMY
Spin off character from Cocky Biker – the only novella:
7. A Honey Badger Xmas (not paranormal, it’s his nickname)The Next Generation:
8. Cocky Senator’s Daughter: Hannah
9. Cocky Genius: Ethan
10. Cocky Rockstar: Gabriel
11. Cocky Love: Emma
12. Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker
13. Cocky Rebel: Sofia Sol Cocker
14. Cocky By Association: Sean & Celia
15. Cocky Director: Max Cocker
16: Cocky and Out of My League: Nicholas Cocker
17: Cocky Bonus Scenes For Books 1-16 
18: Cocky Heart Surgeon: Caden Cocker

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My Review
Wow!  I am floored.  This book was amazing.  Faleena Hopkins is sure making it really hard to choose just one favorite.
In this story Caden, Jason and Sarah’s son, is working hard to become a surgeon at the Atlanta hospital to be close to family.  Because hey!  Family is everything to the Cocker family.    He works hard and puts in long hours to prove to his attending Elizabeth, that he has what it takes.  But his rival blocks him at every turn.  What will he do if he has to leave everyone he loves?
I have to say that this book made me cry.  Cry a lot.  Throughout most of the book I cried.  It was so sad at times.  This book just shows even more that the bond between family is everything that the Cocker family stands for.  Love, Loyalty and Protectiveness.  The family really does come together to be there for Caden.
Caden is a great guy.  Much like his father Jason, Caden is cocky, fine and serious all rolled into one big package.  Hint on the BIG package.  😉  Not only is this man a sex god, he is caring, kind and selfless.  I still can’t decide if he is my favorite, but he is damn near close.
Faleena Hopkins is an amazing romance author, actress and photographer.  She recently took over on taking the photos for her book covers and I got to say they are amazing.  She really gets to know the models and really involves them into her world of characters for the Cocker series.  Not only does her models get involved, her fans are too.  From helping with names and picking cover photos, to live video chats.  She is an amazing and wonderful person as well as great writer.  Her books flow smoothly, never feeling rushed.  Her characters are developed and her world continues to grow.  All giving her fans a book series that is highly addicting and anticipated.  If you have not read any of this series, then I suggest you start.  You will be hooked from the very first one.  You will become the part of the Cocker family and find yourself yelling “Language”.
5 star


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