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saving her banner39791416Saving HER

A Brother’s Best Friend Fireman Romance

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I just don’t want to SAVE her…I want to stand by her FOREVER!

The last time I saw her, she was in High School
I always saw her as my best friend’s little sister
And now I see her after years…
The fear in her eyes worries me
And I didn’t realize that she is gonna be that important to me
After all, I was a guy who shied away from a relationship…or at least a real one!
I had made Fire Station my home and the people serving there my family.
And I was okay with growing old there and dying there alone
But, Andrea made me reconsider that
And I know I can and I will…I am so ready for our future together!

The only question is if she also see’s in my eyes – THE LOVE, THE SUPPORT & THE CARE?

My ReviewWow Mia has done it again, written another heartfelt and captivating story.  There is a reason why her books are always in the top ten.  She has a brilliant way of writing a story that draws in her audience with great plots that have captivating and relatable characters.  This book is no different.  I was captivated in the first few pages and could not put it down till I was done.
This story deals with abuse and told a deep story of strength and the will to live.  The main characters Andy and Andrea were strong characters with a magnetic pull towards one another.  Andy was a very protective man who wielded strength and compassion, even though life was not always good to him.  Andrea is a beautiful soul trapped in an abusive relationship.  As the story unfolds you will see them heal each other and prove just how much strength and will they have.
Not only was the story sweet and thrilling, but you still get the hot and sinful erotic  side too, that is known in Mia’s books.  Mia knows how to write that perfect blend of hot and steamy with a dose of serious and emotional, something I have come to love about her books.
I think my only complaint about this book was I wanted a bit more of the firefighter aspect of the story.  It only had the one scene and I was hoping for more.  Other than that, there is nothing I would change about the story.  It was an emotional and exciting read.  I thoroughly enjoyed the book and can’t wait to see what story Mia writes next.
*ARC provided by Mia Ford
5 star

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