Book Review | The Marriage Pact

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Eleven years ago, I made a pact with my best friend:
If we were still single at 35, we’d get married and have a baby!

Brad was funny, cocky and insanely s*xy.
Hanging out on the beach on Coney was always a blast.
His body was ripped and tanned, and I yearned to have his lips on mine, to be his, to be more than friends.
But I could only dream.
Because he was my secret love.
And I was just his goofy buddy.

On our last night together before he moved to L.A., something was different.
We’d had too much to drink.
The heat between us too intense to ignore.
It was my dream come true and I was so in love.
I gave him my V-card.
And he left me with his promise: a marriage pact.

He couldn’t have been serious, right?
I don’t know why I’m still thinking about it.
It was so many years ago and we haven’t spoken since.

But you know what’s really got my stomach in a knot?

Today’s my 35th birthday – and I’ve got a missed call… from Brad.


My ReviewThe Marriage Pact was an entertaining and funny story.  At first when I started reading this I was a little leery.  I was thinking it would be like the other played out marriage pact stories, but was very surprised.  Tia Siren took the played out version and put her own twist on it, making it a very enjoyable read.

The characters in this story were well-developed and interesting.  They were both very stubborn individuals, that at times made you want to scream at them to get with the program.  These types of characters are what draws in the audience, allowing them to become invested in the story and how it plays out.  There was no denying that Mia and Brad had chemistry.  They were drawn to each other but fought it well, or shall I say not well, with all those steamy scenes.  😉

This is a sweet read full of good humor and stubbornness.  No suspense or thrilling rides, just a good hot steamy read where two people battle their feelings and don’t communicate well.  A fast paced story involving the battle of the wills.

*ARC provided by Tia Siren

4 star

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