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The Blood Dagger: Volume 1

by Misty Hayes (Goodreads Author)
 4.71  ·   Rating details ·  17 Ratings  ·  11 Reviews
Mystical relics.
Powerful vampires.
Strange allies.It’s hell being a teenager.Larna Collins has never understood why her dad skipped out on her and her mother when she was twelve years old. Until then, he was a devoted and loving father.But six years later, during a renovation of her childhood home, she unearths her father’s journal from under a dusty floorboard. According to his final entry before he left, he had recently visited a small parish in England.The entries draw her to this seemingly quaint village, which Larna discovers isn’t as charming as its blood-craving inhabitants want her to believe, and she learns that she isn’t the only one trying to track her father down.

Could this explain her father’s disappearance? Or was placing her in the center of danger her dad’s master plan all along?

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My Review
Larna Collins is on a search for her father, who went disappeared when she was just twelve years old.  Her search brings her to Bromham, London.  Larna quickly learns that there is more to her father’s disappearance than she thought.  When a stolen dagger brings a stranger to her, she suddenly realizes that her worst nightmares are becoming a reality.  She doesn’t know who to trust.  Can Larna recover the dagger, survive and protect those closest to her?
This is the first Misty Hayes book that I have read.  I loved it.  I was quickly drawn into this  easy to read, paranormal drama.  I enjoyed it so much, I am looking forward to the next book, expected to release in December.
The story has great world building, as the story develops at a steady pace.  I love that most of the story takes place in a London setting.  A young adult drama with real life situations in high schools today.
The characters in the book are very well thought out and developed.  I love that some of the characters are flawed and easy to relate to.  You can imagine being in their shoes, walking through the story.
The author puts a unique twist vampires as we know them today, making the story refreshing and interesting.    Alastair is my favorite vampire.  He has such a sweet  side to him and he is very protective over Larna.
Larna is a overweight 18-year-old, who has a very low self-esteem.  She really starts to develop more courage and confidence throughout the story.  Larna is teased and bullied often.  No one can understand how such a good-looking boy like Corinth could be her best friend.  He is like her personal cheerleader.
This book is an action packed adventure.  It is thrilling and exciting.  This book will have you on the edge of your seat at times and shed a tear or two at other times.  The story flows smoothly and is well written and thought out.  Fans of Cassandra Claire’s Mortal Instruments, would enjoy this book.  A 5 star read.
*ARC provided by Misty Hayes
5 star
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Expected Publication: 12/15/2018


The Watchers

(The Blood Dagger: Volume 2)

by Misty Hayes (Goodreads Author)
 0.0  ·  Rating details ·  Ratings  ·  Reviews

Eighteen-year-old Corinth Taylor didn’t sign up to become a Watcher—an elite warrior destined to restore balance to the human race—he was chosen.

Corinth can barely control his own hormones… much less the deadly blade. And to make matters worse, his best friend, Larna, just so happens to be the very thing he’s supposed to eliminate.

But when vampires and slayer find a common enemy, Corinth knows it’s his innate calling to hunt evil down. And evil has a name: Gabriel Stanton. The enigmatic vampire who escaped their capture, has plans for Corinth, Larna, and Alastair… and it’s a threat they’ll never see coming.

When the line between good and evil gets crossed, devastating consequences start to happen. As Watcher and vampire worlds collide, Corinth must decide where to place his trust: with his old allies or his killer instincts. An upstart slayer. A clan of vampires.

What could go wrong?

It’s only the end of the world.

The Watchers is the second book in The Blood Dagger series, a high-octane paranormal YA thriller.

If you like witty heroines, unconventional relationships, and friendships that can withstand the grave, then you’ll love Misty Hayes’ high-stakes story.

Sink your teeth into a fun, fierce vampire series today.


Author Bio

Misty Hayes has always had a thing for escaping headfirst into fantastical books. This is what led her to start writing her own adventures down. As someone who has spent a long career in law enforcement, Misty has a love for strong female protagonists. She also directs short films and claims to have been bitten by the traveling bug (not to be mistaken for a radioactive spider).

When Misty isn’t filming or roaming the planet, or diving into another novel, she’s spending time at home in Texas with her myriad of nieces and nephews in tow.

The Blood Dagger Series is a high-octane Young Adult Paranormal trilogy.

Follow Misty for more information on her series.

Misty Hayes Website


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