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v games banner36172319V Games (The V Games Trilogy #1)

by Caroline Peckham (Goodreads Author)
 4.22  ·  Rating details ·  425 Ratings  ·  148 Reviews


Being a killer wasn’t what eighteen year old Selena Grey ever expected she’d become. But with her stepfather’s blood fresh on her hands, she finds herself walking into an eight by six prison cell where she’ll live out the next twenty five years of her life.

Or so she thought…

When a man as beautiful as he is terrifying walks into the prison, Selena is the only one seemingly unaffected by his charms. But Varick’s impossibly dark eyes are trained on her and her alone, frightening Selena of what his presence forewarns. It’s not long before she finds out as she wakes on a ship in the dead of night, a captive of the forbidding Varick who seems more beast than man.

But when she arrives at a barren and isolated island in the stormy north sea, she soon realises that the obnoxious Varick may be her only hope of survival. Because, in a place where polar night reigns for the next six months, a powerful and cruel family are about to start this year’s season of the V Games. And Selena is marked to participate in the blood sport, hunted by ravenous vampires and surviving the harsh terrain of the bleak island. And, not only that, but Selena just became the highest bid on contestant in a century…Find out why in Book 1 of the V Games Trilogy – 0.99 release price for a limited time



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My Review

Wow!  Just Wow!  This book was off the rails.  It was a total twist on the whole vampire vs Van Helsing.  Nothing like I have ever read before.  It was gory and intense.  I loved it!  ♥

In this twisted story we have a 18-year-old Selena Grey, who has been condemned by her peers in the London court for the murder of her abusive step-father.  Scared, she enters the prison system.  Truly she doesn’t belong.  It was self-defense.  But alas this is her life now.  At least for the next 25 years…until it isn’t.

Taken from the prison only to wind up in another sort of prison on an island that never sees the light of day.  The difference now….it is a fight of survival against the things that were only in nightmares.

V games….a rich man’s spectators sport.  Several levels of the game that not everyone survives.  The rules….there are none.  What is your goal……to survive, then you go free.

Selena Grey, you are offered the privilege of competing in the V games.  If you agree, you will have the chance to erase your criminal record and return home with a clean slate.”

A brooding vampire, Varick is their game moderator, but a rich and cruel family is pulling the puppet strings.  Selena is determined to get home to her mother.  But these games test her to the limits.  But she is special.  More special than anyone really knows.  Can Selena survive the games and go home to her mother?

I won this book on Goodreads.  I am so glad I did.  It was so good.  I was hooked from the very first page.  This book was a fast paced action packed thriller.  I was on the edge of my seat, nail-biting my way through.  It was so intense!  So much happening and so much death.  As I read I was thinking of ways for my favorite characters to escape the hell they were in.  Unfortunately my mind kept coming up with bad ideas.  😦

“I can’t read your mind.”

“No. Well I guess that’s ten points for Edward Cullen then, isn’t it?”

“Vampires are bit grimmer in real life, sweetheart.”

“You can say that again.”


The characters in this book a very interesting group.  Each one hurt by someone.  Each one a murderer.  I loved Cass and Selena.  Both different yet strong and determined.  Selena and Varick have a magnet that keeps pulling them together.  How far is Varick willing to go to ensure she survives?  His own life?

“I’ve disobeyed the Helsings…”

“Do you hate me like the other girls do?”

“Perhaps I should”

“The fact that you don’t is enough to change the whole world, Selena.”

This book really draws the reader in with its unique twisted tale of survival and beautiful cover.  Once you start reading, you will not want to put it down.  It is that good.

5 star

Caroline Peckham is the author of the YA Fantasy series The Rise of Isaac (Book 1: Creeping Shadow was released December 2015) and the upcoming Vampire YA series V Games.

She began writing after her passion for young adult fantasy fiction grew to an obsession and she loves that she is now not only a fan of the genre but an author of it too.

Caroline lives in the south east of London in a tiny, quintessentially English town where you’ll find an abundance of tea shops, pubs and rain.

She has a BSc in Zoology from The University of Reading and, when not writing, still has a mind for science and googles every question that springs to mind.

She adores animals, adventure trips, and watching the latest fantasy, action, paranormal and science fiction films at the cinema.

Feel free to contact her at:

For more information check out her website here:

*Author bio from Amazon- Teaser photo belongs to Caroline  Peckham

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