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39108234DR. Delight

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Doctor Oliver Foxx is living the dream. His career brings with it plenty of wealthy married women who want him only for his body which is absolutely fine by him. He isn’t anywhere near ready to settle down, despite the fact that he’s nearing his fortieth birthday. Other people might want him to settle down, but nothing is going to change his mind.
Or so he thinks…Louise Wilter is young for a medical trainee because she graduated high school early. She might be isolated from everyone else because she’s different, but she doesn’t mind because she’s fiercely ambitious. She hasn’t got any intention of trading in her career for love, not even when she’s assigned to shadow the gorgeous older man, Doctor Foxx.
But sparks quickly fly and things get complicated, even more so when both of them try to forget one another with life-changing consequences. The temptation of the forbidden is powerful and intoxicating. Will either of them be able to fight it forever?
Wow Mia!  What an interesting take on romance.  A very entertaining story full of decision-making and backbone.  A page turner romance that will have your mind twisted up.

Doctor Oliver Foxx is a playboy of the highest order.  With paitents that only want his services. 😉  He will never settle down or fall in love.  Life is perfect.

Louise is studying to be a doctor.  She is the youngest of her group and works hard.  She is lonely and withdrawn because no one wants to talk to the smart girl.  They are intimidated by her.  When she has to do job shadowing for school she is on edge and nervous as hell. The feeling only gets worse when she meets Dr Foxx, the doctor she will be shadowing.  He is the absolute most handsome and sexy man she has ever met.
When Oliver calls out the person knocking on his door he is not ready for what he finds.  The most amazing and gorgeous red-head walks in.  This is Louise?  This  is the woman I have to train?  Keeping his hands to himself will be a challenge.
Oliver notices that Louise is a loner.  No one tries to talk to or befriend her.  So Oliver makes it his mission to befriend her.  When Louise finds herself in a pickle, Oliver steps up to help.  Can Oliver be just friends?
This book was a very interesting read.  Oliver starts out as a player with no scruples just rules.  No kissing and no relationships.  But he is an honorable man in the end.  Louise is shy and timid, but a strong and independent woman.  She really has some struggles and hurdles to overcome in this story that reflect her strength.
This is a fast paced read that flows smoothly and has a different twist to your everyday romance.  With engaging characters and twisted plot this book will keep you entertained.  Another good book from Mia!  Bravo!
*ARC provided by Mia Ford 
5 star


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