38812925Take the Leap: A Second Chance Romance (Bad Boys of Hollywood)

by April Fire (Goodreads Author)
 4.23  ·   Rating details ·  13 Ratings  ·  12 Reviews
Love is a dangerous game – particularly when your lover throws you off the roof of a perfectly good building.

Tennessee has made a career out of risking her life on a daily basis as a professional stunt-woman. When a new job stunting for one of the hottest A-list actresses in Hollywood, offers the chance to rocket her career into the world of big-budget blockbusters, she leaps into it with her usual, carefree, who-gives-a-damn attitude.

But she’s stunned when she shows up on set and finds she’ll be working alongside the man who broke her heart years ago. Of course it’s him, that a**hole…

Dominic Calhoun – the definition of badboy – rugged, muscular, daring. He’s the type of guy that starts telling a joke at the top of a building, jumps off that building, and then finishes the punch-line as he’s dusting himself off on the ground. He’s a man totally unafraid of anything – except admitting that he might still be in love.

As filming begins, the heat between them begins to build and their egos push both of them into taking bigger and bigger risks with their stunts in an effort to impress the other. But just as Tennessee starts to feel like she can forgive him for hurting her all those years before, the A-List bombshell actress on set helps remind her that it’s hard to reform a playboy.

With their love hanging from a thin wire – will Tennessee and Dominic take the leap? Or will this relationship wind up another Hollywood flop?

Take the Leap is a steamy standalone Bad Boy Romance. It has an HEA and NO Cliffhanger. We temporarily included some bonus content after the main story, so grab your copy today.



Tennessee has worked hard in her career as a stuntman.  She risks her life daily and the adrenaline is amazing.  When her new job on a A-lists set brings her face to face with a past love that she tried to forget, she has to remind herself that she is over him and he is an ass.

Dominic has been flying high in his career.  Working top A-list movies, building a sought after name for himself in his career and the ladies.  Oh the ladies.  But when he comes back to where it all started to work on a new movie he runs into his past.  When he sees Tennessee it is like a slap to the face.  She is even more beautiful than when he left her all those years ago while she slept.  What he doesn’t expect is the feelings he has coming back to haunt him and her brick wall that she has thrown up to keep him out.  How can he convince her that he made a mistake and that he won’t hurt her again?

This was a quick and fun read.  Dominic is one fine specimen.  I enjoyed the banter between the two characters.  I love second chance romances.  This one was kind of short and could have expanded more with the whole proving he is sorry and wrong and won’t let it happen again scenario.  But overall had a wonderful and unique plot to the story using the stuntman theme.  I really enjoyed the uniqueness of that plot line.

Overall this is a quick steamy little number.  So if you are looking for a quick read with a new take on second chance romance, then this book is for you.

*ARC provided by April Fire & Books of Fire

4 star

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