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Hinterland Book 3: The Wolf’s Hunt (Hinterland Series)

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Continuation. Book 3 of the acclaimed romance series Hinterland.

Just when Raleigh Douglas learned to open her heart to Knox Bishop. He vanishes without a trace. Can Bishop really be dead? Raleigh can’t accept that, but right now she has no choice. She has to keep his business alive, especially since the evil cabal hunting the Elixir of Life hasn’t given up. No one but Raleigh can stop them. The secrets she needs to unlock the mystery lie hidden inside the mysterious book Bishop’s father left behind when he died under suspicious circumstances. To her horror, Raleigh finds the book stolen. How can she track down the killers without it?

The walls come crumbling down, and Raleigh must put aside all her preconceived notions of friend and enemy. She must call on the one person she dared not face in order to get the book back.If she finds the book, she just might save Hinterland from destruction. She just might find her dream come true into the bargain.

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This series contains violence, action, and mature situations: 18+

Read the Hinterland series in order!
Book 1: The Wolf’s Bounty

Book 2: The Wolf’s Quarry 

Book 3: The Wolf’s Hunt 

Book 4: The Wolf’s Prize – Not yet released



Oh my God!!!! K.T. Harding you are freaking killing me!!!!!!!!!   Agghhhhh!!! Again with tearing my heart out and leaving me broken.  Why?!?!  Why are you doing this to me!?!

Ok.   I got that out of my system, let me tell you my thoughts on the book.

In this book Raliegh and Dax are on the hunt to find the person who hired Bishop to retrieve the Tween.  She is broken and ready to give up all hope, but her father convinces her to complete the contract.  Never leave a task undone.  But how?  She is torn apart by what happened when the Guild blew to kingdom come taking her brother and her love with it.  But she must try to move on.  Do this last task and then she can quit and return home.  Right?  But as the investigation goes and new allies are formed, she learns that what she knows is not true at all and more dark secrets are revealed.  The danger is high and lives are at stake.  What will Raliegh and Dax have to do to return to before the accident?

OMG!!  The characters in this book are so complex and developed.  They are interesting and unique.  This world Hinterland is a wonder in itself.  It is unlike anything I have ever read about before.  It will draw you in and hold on to you so tightly.  It is amazing.

This book was a page turner as the others before it.  Ms.  Harding has really developed a wonderful and exciting world.  Not to mention the danger that lurks around every corner.  I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails.  “OMG is he really?”  “No that can’t happen!”  “How will they get out of this situation?”  These were some of my fears.

I could not put the book down.  I am so hooked.  I am dying for the next book to come out.  Raliegh really is going to have some personal truths to uncover in this next installment.  I am really interested to see what she uncovers.  I have to know what happened, and the truth behind the shipping invoice.

Hurry up and read the book already and reach out to me so I can talk to someone about all the spoilers I can’t put in this review.  But remember peeps, you have to read books  1 & 2 first or you will be lost.   So if you haven’t read any of these yet, then I highly suggest you get busy.  These books are amazing and you will be hooked.

*ARC provided by KT Harding

5 star

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