Book Review | Cocky & Out of My League

38527735Cocky and Out of My League

(Cocker Brothers of Atlanta #16)

by Faleena Hopkins (Goodreads Author)
 4.76  ·   Rating details ·  46 Ratings  ·  23 Reviews


Maybe one day this crazy instinct that we’re supposed to be together, will mercifully disappear.

The ridiculously popular man of my dreams has a lucky brunette pinned to a wall.
The way Nicholas Cocker kisses isn’t like anyone else.
You don’t have to be the recipient of his attention to know he is skilled.
Screw the cover fee for alcohol. Billy should charge a ticket for this show.

What would it be like to be kissed by him?
Fluidly held by his fingers?
Like some prize-winning salsa dancer is showing me his moves?
He has no idea who I am…and yet for a year I’ve dreamt of meeting him.

I drop my proud gaze to the floor.
“Maddie?” Denise gently says.
“You look like someone broke your heart.”

Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series is all stand-alone romance novesl that can be read out of order.
For a limited time, this eBook includes a BONUS NOVEL from the series, too.




WOW!  Again Faleena!  You blow my mind.  I really loved this story.  Playboy Nicholas struck by cupids arrow.

This was a wonderful story of how Maddie snags the hot playboy.  The one who she sees macking on female after female at the parties she attends with her bff Denise.  She has had a crush on him for the longest time, but she is not even a blip on his radar.  A plain girl who blends into the background.  No one notices her.  Till one day he does.

Nicholas loves the single life, vowing to live it to the fullest.  One and sometimes three a night.  Till one day he breaks up a cat fight at one of the parties.  When he takes one of the girls from the fight to a room to calm down, he is shocked.  This plain girl has got some curves and she is feisty as hell.  What would she be like?  Well he does not get a chance to make a move.  She blocks all his advances.  Wow!  That has never happened before.  When a fire breaks out she tries to go in to save a dog he realizes there is a lot to this woman and he wants to know more.  How can he convince her to give him a shot?

This book was funny, tragic and sweet all rolled into one.  I loved the chemistry between Maddie and Nicholas.  When something terrible happens Nicholas goes all knight and shining armor on her.  Again it just goes to show that if you get into the Cocker inner circle then you are protected as one of their own.  FAMILY!!  That bond they have is strong and I love it.

The characters are amazing.  Each one has a unique personality.  The strength and bond the Cocker family has is amazing and they have each others back.  No matter what.  Ask any fan and they will tell you that their favorite part in each book is the ending where there is always a family BBQ with Grams yelling LANGUAGE!!!  or someone fighting over the homemade ginger ale.

If you have not read this series, then I highly suggest you do.  You are missing out on a wonderful book series that just gets better and better with each book.  Full of humor, love, tragedy, trust, family and cockiness.  Once you start you will become a fan for life.  Nothing more exciting than when Faleena posts on Facebook that a book is live.  🙂

5 star

*Teaser Photo property of Faleena Hopkins

A Note From Faleena

Faleena HopkinsI’ve been writing ever since I was six and sold books to my parents for a dollar. Sometimes I still sell them for a dollar to celebrate a new release. Who knew?

A publishing first: Watch the video on this page to see!

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I hope you have the most fun.

Love, love, and more love,
Faleena Hopkins


*Note and Picture from Amazon


Image result for cocker brothers family tree

It all started with 6 sexy as hell brothers:

Cocky Roomie: Jake Cocker (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 1) by [Hopkins, Faleena] 

Jake                            Jett                                     Jaxson


Jason                                 Justin                             Jeremy

The Cipher Family (Jett’s MC Family)…..

Honey Badger              Sean (New Member)

And continues with their children……..

  Cocky Love: Emma Cocker (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 11) by [Hopkins, Faleena]

Justin’s Daughter          Jake’s Son                     Justin’s Son                    Jake’s Daughter

Cocky Quarterback: Eric Cocker (Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Book 12) by [Hopkins, Faleena]      

Jake’s Son                         Jett’s Daughter               Jason’s Son                   Jeremy’s Son


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