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37643340Focus On Love

by Candee Fick (Goodreads Author)
 4.65  ·   Rating details ·  23 Ratings  ·  18 Reviews

Free-spirited Elizabeth Foster turned her back on her father’s photography business to pursue musical theater, but a career on the stage remains second to a career behind the camera. The possibility of a one-show contract means she’s a few weeks from unemployment forcing her home, and her dreams of pursuing professional photography reemerge. With photography and theater opportunities unfolding before her, Elizabeth faces her biggest challenge yet—listening to her heart.

Meanwhile, sought-after photographer Ryan Callahan has put his career on hold to help his sister’s family, but the promise of a bigger assignment could lure him away so he can begin building a family of his own. With professional opportunities and personal obligations pulling at him, Ryan faces his toughest challenge—balancing family, relationships, and work.

If given the choice, what dreams would develop for Elizabeth and Ryan? And will they learn to trust each other enough to focus on love?

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My Review

A great Christian read about finding love and following your dreams through your faith in God.  A sweet romance of a girl named Elizabeth “Liz” who has been shunned by her family and pushed from her home.  She struggles with her faith and has pushed her photography talent to the side, because she has been told it is not her place to do so.  Working as an actress she meets a famous photographer named Ryan.  As a beautiful friendship blooms between the two, Ryan helps her to discover who she really is and how God can be there for her and just have faith that he will provide the way.  An emotional and wonderful story.  With Ryan’s help she will discover herself and learn about the true meaning of loving God and what it is like to really have a family.  To fall in love with someone who is willing to help you discover your own dreams and not steal them from you.  An excellent Christian romance.

*ARC provided by Candee Fick & Lighthouse Publishing of Carolinas

5 star

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