The Conquest: A billionaire romance (The Wild West Billionaire Book 1) by [Lauren, Harper]The  Conquest

(The Wild West Billionaire Book 1)

 3.7  ·   Rating details ·  23 Ratings  ·  Reviews
Santa, you’ve gotta be kidding me.
One hot Xmas encounter in Jamaica has haunted me for an entire year.
But just when I was about to give up the search,
Guess who do I see sitting at my secretary’s desk?

Forget about beaches and bikini,
even in her boring suit Hanna has me hooked
But she’s so stubborn and proper, refusing me in every turn
Yet always teasing me with a glimmer of desire in her eyes.

Oh Girl, you have no idea how much I enjoy a challenging conquest.

This is a steamy, full-length novel with a happily ever after. No cliffhangers. No cheating.

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My favorite of the two in the series by far.

Hannah met James on Christmas last year in Jamaica.  She has thought about him everyday since.  What she does not know that James has thought about her also, even going as far as to try to locate her.

Just when James decides he is going to move on and forget the search, he finds his new secretary to be none other than the woman from Jamaica.  But she won’t give him the time of day.

This book was a bit twisted and dangerous.  I really enjoyed reading this one and James is defiantly one hot Alpha male.  The sex is hot and the plot is dangerous.  A very exciting read.  The characters are deep and developed.  They really have to deal with some professional and personal issues that really dig into their relationship.

A fast paced read that is enjoyable and hot.  The great conquest.

*ARC provided by Harper Lauren

5 star



38396672The Secret: A billionaire romance

(The Wild West Billionaire Book 2)

 3.6  ·   Rating details ·  Ratings  ·  Reviews
Jordan seems to be the perfect guy every woman dreams of catching…at first
I thought I was going to die.
Then he came to my rescue.

Handsome, tattooed Trading Tycoon, Billionaire Bachelor
and knight in shining in armor to damsels in distress.
Not to mention he only has eyes for me.
A. Perfect. Prince Charming.

Yet, I could not shake off this feeling that behind Jordan West’s picture-perfect persona lies a terrible, unspeakable secret.

Something from his past is brewing in our future
and the truth may be more than I can handle.

***This is a steamy, full-length novel with a happily ever after. No cliffhangers. No cheating.***




I enjoyed this book, but felt it was a little short.

Laci is a school teacher who takes care of her little sister.  She has never really had a boyfriend or dated.  She has not had time.  She has been taking care of her sister since right after high school graduation.

One day while out running Laci is attacked and a dangerous and hot looking billionaire named Jordan saves her.  Jordan and Laci and drawn together and Laci decides to give dating a shot.  But it may be more than she bargined for.  When Jordan’s dark secrets come to light, it threatens everything they have built together.  Will they survive?

This is a sweet romance.  The characters are wonderfully developed.  Jordan is a dark and deeply scarred man.  But deep down he is a sweet man with a heart of gold.  He falls hard and he is a little controlling and dominate.  Laci is sweet and innocent and I had a bit of a hard time adjusting to his rough nature.

The story was very moving and fast paced.  I felt that there were some areas that could have been explored more in the story, making it seem a bit cut off.  Overall it was a good read with excitement and hot steamy sex.

*ARC provided by Harper Lauren

4 star






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