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37800796Dr. Hottie

by Vivian Wood (Goodreads Author)
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From Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestseller Vivian Wood comes a sexy new STANDALONE romance novel.

I’m not a big believer in romance. I’m certainly not the type of woman to get drunk, meet a guy, and go to friggin Reno later that night to get married.

But Dr. Hottie himself, AKA Jack Stratton, changed all that. Even if it was all a lie.

Okay, so our relationship is as fake as a bad spray tan. It’s all to show up our mutual exes, make them realize how much they miss us. Can I help it if he’s so ridiculously handsome that simply being near him makes me blush? And when he smiles at me…

Maybe I should’ve nicknamed him Dr. Panty Dropper.

And I admit, part of me is head-over-heels in love with him. How can I not be when he keeps telling me we have to spend time together? We have to keep up the charade. We have to kiss in private so it looks good when we do it for show.

When my ex finally gets the message a month after our “wedding”, I’m left with two options. Go back to the man who the whole town says is right for me… or gather all my courage and strike off in a new direction. A direction that includes a new future that Jack and I make, together.




Wow!  This book was a fun and dirty read.  Dr. Hottie title is perfect for this book, because he is a hottie and knows how to use it.  Yum!  😉

Addison is dealing with a lot in her life.  Her mother died and her father is an alcoholic.  Not to mention that her sister is not ready for being responsible.  Everyday it is the same routine.  Clean house, pay bills, run restaurant, take care of sister and alcoholic father.  When her sister suggests for her to meet her out for drinks she thinks what the hell, why not!

When Addy walks in her sister is at a table with some new people.  Two of the new people are hot doctors who just moved to town to run the new ER hospital in town.  Addy is struck by how handsome one of the doctors named Jack is.  As her and the new doctor flirt Addy’s ex shows up with his new girl.  So she orders shots.  Lots of shots.

When Addy wakes she discovers she is now in Reno with a stranger and a ring on her finger.  Holy Shit!  How much did she drink?

This book was hilarious.  I had so much fun reading it.  I laughed, yelled and cried.  A fast paced read with wonderful characters and story plot.  Not your typical hot doctor book.  Vivian takes it to a whole other level.

Jack and Addy are adorable.  They are both from very different worlds yet I would say they balance each other out.  She is Yin to his Yang.  Where Jack is adventurous, Addy is level-headed, a mother hen of sorts.  I enjoyed them trying to fight the love that developed between them.  It was very entertaining.

I suggest this book to anyone looking for  an entertaining and hot read.    Because the hot doctor Jack is the definition of fine.  Help me! Help me! I think I need a doctor.  😉

*ARC provided by Vivian Wood

5 star

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